Abu Dhabi has one of the finest city views in the world, and as such many restaurants have found a way to take advantage of the several skyscrapers and man-made island which have contributed to transforming the old emirate into a modern city.

While Abu Dhabi is one of the two of the most prominent emirates in the United Arab Emirate, a lot of investment has gone into hotels and accommodations, restaurants, among other tourist attraction which is usually the focal point for tourist and expats.

As much as there are many restaurants in Abu Dhabi, many of them are not positioned to offer the customers a great essence of the beautiful city around them as they are basically enclosed in most cases. However, there are a some restaurants that capitalize their sales and patronage on a perfect view of the modern city, while enjoying the cultural essence that lies in the traditional and international dishes from a single spot.

Searching for one of the best Abu Dhabi restaurants with the best view of the city? We got you! Listed below are 10 of the best in 2021.

1. 18 Degrees

The 18 Degrees Restaurant is located somewhere in Andaz Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, and it boasts one of the best city views from a restaurant, while offering an outstanding dining experience that is unusual. With a lot of positive reviews about the restaurant, it was once voted ‘The best Mediterranean Restaurant in Abu Dhabi’. Apart from having a great dish menu, the restaurant also serves its customers with the best sceneries from the city right from the top of the building where it is based. Lunch at the 18 degrees restaurant is not as beautiful as dinner during which the whole city is lit up, providing a more elegant view for customers.

2. Beach House

Situated in Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas, Saadiyat Island; the Beach House is a perfect destination for tourist and individuals who are seeking a delightful dining experience. The restaurant is specialized Mediterranean cuisine, and is considered one of the best places to eat in the whole of Abu Dhabi. While you are closely surrounded by water, the restaurant also captures a distance view of the Abu Dhabi city from its glass apartment and near-water resorts. The restaurant attracts a high ratings averaging 4.5, and is considered one of the best Abu Dhabi Restaurant with the best city views.

3. COYA Abu Dhabi

Located at the Four seasons Hotel, The Galleria – Abu Dhabi, the COYA Abu Dhabi restaurant transports you to a world of Incan heritage and Peruvian culture, as customers are lost amidst the moody lightening, warm leather booths, and floor-to-ceiling windows which exposes them to views of the waterway and glimmering Al Maryah Island. The restaurant is rated 5 stars in most cases, although overall reviews of its customers averagely places it at 4.5 stars.

4. Parker’s

This is another top-standard seafood restaurant, located in Umm Al Emarat Park, Abu Dhabi. The verdant, airy space feels like a greenhouse, considering the many plants as flowers that flood the entire rafters and tables, creating a natural atmosphere. The restaurant, apart from serving a great menu list, also captures beautiful scenery of the city from within its partially glassed closet, allowing for beautiful city views which are mostly sought-after by customers. A date at night is usually an unforgettable experience for both parties.

5. Nahaam

Searching for a restaurant with beautiful and artistic aesthetics, or perhaps ultra-modern appearance? Then this is likely going to be one of your best shot. The Nahaam restaurant is an open-air lounge located at Podium Level 1, Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi, offering delicious dishes for every taste. Anyone who visits this relaxing spot is usually exposed to a great city view as captured from behind the floor-to-ceiling windows. With average ratings of 4.4 stars based on customers’ honest reviews, the Nahaam restaurant is no doubt a tourist attraction.

6. Rosewater

Ranked as 43rd out of over 2,468 restaurants in Abu Dhabi, the masterpiece located in a serene area of Ras Al Akhdar, boasts a cinematic view from within the glamorous venue. Also, reviews from tourist and customers suggest that the restaurant have great varieties of cuisines to choose from, as well as top-quality hospitality and an ambience that is excellent.

7. Catch

Located on the National Riviera Beach club, Abu Dhabi, the fashionable restaurant offers a beautiful city view alongside a great menu list, one that include seafood dishes, unique craft cocktails, and many wines. The restaurant is endowed with theatrical and artistic elements which are greatly appreciated by tourist and other persons who have visited the venue.

8. Azura Panoramic Lounge

This particular restaurant captures great scenery of the city that you can’t afford to miss, especially if you are a sucker for great city views. Apart from attracting hundreds trusted reviews from satisfied customers, the restaurant which is located at the St. Regis Nation tower is no doubt a befitting dining for any and everyone who desires a taste of a luxury lifestyle. The restaurant is considered one of the best in the modern city.

9. Ray’s Grill

The upscale, modern steakhouse is located on the 3rd floor of the popular Jumeirah Hotel, and it features the gulf and city skyline views. If you are looking to dine in a restaurant that serves a hot view of the city alongside a great menu list, then you’d better not waste time before visiting the Ray’s Grills. With a cosy atmosphere, and top-quality hospitality, and services, attracts a load of great reviews by satisfied customers.

10. Finz

Finz restaurant is indeed one of the best in Abu Dhabi, especially as it exposes its customers to a beautiful view of the modern city. The locale with a waterside ultra-modern structure is located on the 10th st. of Abu Dhabi, UAE, and it offers one of the best Mediterranean-style seafood dishes. The mind blowing scenery and style that is captured in the view from the restaurant is definitely one of the major factors for the high ratings, although many affirmed to the great service delivery by the restaurant with respect to a great dish menu, and of course hospitality.