There has never been a time when boosting our immune system has felt more urgent than now (at least in a couple of years). The coronavirus is not the worst pandemic in history, at least for now; the seasonal flu that hits yearly has affected over a billion people so far while SARS which also originated from China infected about 8098 people, resulting in 775 deaths.

While the coronavirus which is also known as COVID-19 has recorded a low fatality rate (the number of deaths out of number of people infected), the rate at which it’s spreading is very high and alarming, having affected a huge number of countries with most of them now on lockdown in a bid to contain the spread.

Preventive measures have been put into place and authorities pass them across to the people every day in order to keep people safe, and most importantly, stop the global spread of this disease. These preventive measures work, no doubt. Practicing them will reduce your risk of contracting the disease but studies have also shown that healthy intake of food can help boost the body’s natural defenses, thereby reducing the risk further.

Here’s a list of the 10 best food that can help boost your immune system and not just to help battle COVID-19 but other diseases which can be harmful to the body;

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1. Broccoli

Broccoli is high in potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and array of B Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, and B6). It is one of the most nutrient-packed powerhouses to help one boost the immune system, with a cup of it providing as much vitamin C as an orange. Broccoli also helps provide ‘glutathione’ which is the master of antioxidant in the body.

2. Spinach

The presence of high content of vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, folate, magnesium, and iron has made Spinach a great choice when it’s time to boost the immune system. Spinach provides the body with the nutrients the body needs for cell division and DNA repair, especially when you eat it raw or lightly cooked to preserve the nutrients.

3. Ginger

Ginger is the most-sought after ingredient when people fall sick because it helps in decreasing nausea, which is a very common symptom among diseases. It also helps in reducing sore throat and other inflammatory illnesses. Ginger also possesses cholesterol-lowering properties which make it very healthy and safe to take.

4. Garlic

Garlic is one of the most popular immune boosting options for all ages as it has received a widespread praise for containing antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties. Its antiviral properties might be very helpful in reducing the severity of colds, including the ones resulting from COVID-19 infections. It mainly boosts the portion of the immune system that fights of cancer and viruses.

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5. Almonds

Almonds can be super helpful when it comes to preventing and fighting off common colds including the ones resulting from COVID-19 infection. The nut is rich in vitamin including vitamin E which is very important to the immune system. Half cup of almond helps provide about 100% of vitamin E needed for the whole day.

6. Acai Berry

The black-purple fruit – which is mostly found in some certain parts of South America – is rich in anthocyanins which are very effective antioxidants and help combat oxidative stress in the body. These antioxidants are also responsible for immune system boosting and lowering of inflammation in the body. Research has showed that it can be particularly helpful to people living with cardiovascular disease, lower rectum cancer, increasing prostate specific antigen, metabolic syndrome, constipation, and more.

7. Watermelon

The body needs vitamins, nutrients and the likes of glutathione to function properly and these are the things the watermelon will provide. Vitamin B6, 270mg of potassium, 25% of vitamin C, are some of the helpful things provided by watermelon for great support of the immune system.

8. Low-fat Yogurt

When you’re choosing to boost your immune system with yogurt, never forget to opt for low-fat because it’s the best option for this type of purpose. It provides 250 calories, 400mg of calcium, and 11 grams of protein. It is also rich in probiotics which help boost immune function and also reduce the length and severity of colds.

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9. Sweet Potato

A medium sweet potato is filled with 120% of daily value of vitamin A and 30% of vitamin C, while only possessing just 100 calories. Sweet potato is one of the best cholesterol-free options so it’s safe to say there are little or no downsides at all. It also possesses a great portion of fiber which has proved to be very crucial to the process of immune boosting.

10. Water

No one can understate the importance of water to the immune system. Naturally, the body’s need for fluid increases when fighting an infection which is why in this period when everybody is vulnerable to COVID-19, having a regular water intake will regenerate your immune-fighting lymphatic cells to get your body to be stronger and ready to fight off infections.