You don’t get to hear about the UAE’s third largest and most populous city often and perhaps it is the most underrated emirate in the country, but Sharjah is the cultural capital of the country, according to UNESCO.

The city represents the cultural heritage of the United Arab Emirates and it presents an interesting experience coupled with unending fun activities which never seems to get boring. While Sharjah may be less famous compared to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it is still a go-to location when one is looking to explore the country’s history and cultural heritage, among other things.

Sharjah may not possess record-breaking skyscrapers or ultra-luxurious shopping malls like Dubai and Abu Dhabi but what the city doesn’t have in those (as of January 2021), it makes up for in nature parks, museums, beautiful mosques, beaches, and more things that are very safe and peaceful.

Having said all that, here are the 10 best fun activities you can do in the city of Sharjah, without missing Dubai and Abu Dhabi too much.

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1. A quick trip to the Sharjah Archaeology Museum

For the emirate of Sharjah to further confirm the claims that it’s truly the best place to go when one is looking to know more about the history and culture of the country, it currently serves as home to numerous ancient rarities which dates back to the Stone Age. Right from the ancient looks to the contents, the archaeology museum offers a great insight of how things used to be and look in the ancient age.

2. Have an unforgettable desert experience

Also one of the best fun activities to do in Sharjah is the hours-long desert safari trip which can be best had with family or friends, or both. A lot of fun activities are available on the desert trip and they include camel ride, dinner, an off-road experience with very rugged crossroad vehicles, and many more.

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3. Shop at Sharjah’s most famous mall

The Blue Souk is by far Sharjah’s most famous shopping center and one of the most impressive landmarks of the emirate, with a look similar to that of a mosque, making it look more like a true ancient shopping mall. The souk comprises of six structures that are covered in blue tiling, with over 600 shops in it. It is generally known as the central market where you can find a plethora of locally-made items including kitchen utensils, adornments and pearls. Asides from going to shop at the souk, it is always a perfect place to learn more about the country’s old culture because it displays Arabic relics, including Omani and Yemeni old fashioned gems.

4. Enjoy the Arabian wildlife

The Arabian Wildlife Center is the main spot in Sharjah where Arabian natural life that has been generally wiped out in the area can be found because it has been preserved. The center which is located in the Sharjah Desert Park, is divided into three parts; warm blooded animals (cats, rodents, canines, and primates), reptiles (snakes and other reptiles); and bugs. There’s also a children’s farm where kids can pet and nourish animals like horses, goats, and camels. The Arabian Wildlife Center and the Sharjah Desert Park as a whole is a great place for anyone to visit, be it families, friends, or couples.

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5. Head to Al Qasba to have all the fun you want

Al Qasba is unarguably home to some of Sharjah’s most interesting and captivating tourist destinations. Serving as a gathering of attractive places, strategically placed in one place, the Al Qasba houses the Maraya Art Center whose display is well crafted by the renowned Italian craftsman, Guiseppe Moscatello and it is also home to advanced pieces and interactive media ventures. This place also features the Ferris wheel that is located right beside the building, known as the ‘Eye of the Emirates’. Riding on this wheel will give you the entire view of Sharjah, with height that is over 60 meters.

6. Take a trip to the Island of Legends and Pearls Kingdom

The Island of Legends (amusement park) and Pearls Kingdom (water park) by Al Montazah offers you the chance to be transported into an adventurous wonderland that gives you the true pirate feeling and with over 26 rides and attractions, it is just amazing how much fun you will have including the Time Train and many more. Additionally, there are also play areas and picnic spots where you can stop and enjoy a nice snack-time.

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7. Learn more about the UAE culture at the Sharjah Heritage Museum

The iconic Sharjah Heritage Museum offers you a proper insight into the traditional Middle Eastern and Emirati culture, with artifacts, textiles, dioramas as well as interpretive information. Guests are always free to journey this area and research as intrusively as they wish because truly, there’s a lot of things you can discover about the past life of the country when you make a proper research in this area.

8. Proceed to the stunning Al Noor Island

An amazing place to spend quality time with your loved ones – be it family, friends, or significant other, Al Noor Island is one of Sharjah’s finest leisure attraction where art and culture meets natural beauty and inspiration. The small island which is located in Khalid Lagoon features bastion of exotic trees, prehistoric rocks, an enchanting Butterfly House, a serene Literature Pavilion, contemporary sculptures by some of the world’s most famous artists, a lush landscape which is home to over 70,000 trees and plants, kids playground, among many other wonderful things. The Island basically offers the best mix of recreation, nature, art, education and entertainment. In addition to this, you also get to savor your bites in the company of fluttering butterflies in Noor Café, which is located inside the Butterfly House. The café offers a healthy selection of delightful snacks and refreshing drinks in a green, spacious and naturally-lit venue, which is also home to over 500 exotic butterflies. Noor Café is bright and cheery with streaming sunlight during the day, and transforms into a glowing luminarium at night with warmly lit furniture and interiors that set the mood for a delish indulgence. How on earth would you want to miss out on such an amazing experience right in heart of the city of Sharjah?

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9. Experience the beautiful Sharjah Aquarium

If you love to have a perfect underwater experience, with innocent aquatic animals naturally adapting to the artificial habitat, look not elsewhere than the Sharjah Aquarium. The aquarium is one of Sharjah’s most cherished tourist spots, with over 250 types of ocean creatures. Inside the aquarium is the Sammach Café which serves crisp fish, tea and espressos to greatly complement the views of the beautiful aquatic creatures.

10. Sum it all up with a visit to Al Majaz Waterfront

This stunning tourist attraction called Al Majaz Waterfront rounds up our list. Al Majaz Waterfront covers an area of 231,000 square feet, and it features an amazing scenery overlooking the Khalid Lagoon. This iconic leisure destination boasts breathtaking landscapes as well as incredible architectural designs that reflect Sharjah’s utra-rich cultural heritage. The attraction features the spectacular Sharjah Musical Fountain overlooking fine international restaurants and cafés, a jogging track, snack and drink kiosks, a magnificent mosque, the Maraya Art Park, the Splash Park for kids with a children’s playground, mini golf for all ages, wonderful greeneries for relaxation and areas for hosting events and activities. Al Majaz Waterfront also provides the highest levels of comfort for visitors through variety of services, including free Wi-Fi, public facilities and more than 1000 parking lots.

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