As the richest country in the world with a GDP per capita of approximately $134,620, possessing beautiful tourist centers won’t be seen as an extraordinary achievement, although it is commendable. The country has always been the kind of place you go to in order to have a good time while at the same time avoiding the bustle of most of the major tourist countries. Tourism in Qatar does not just stop with individual visiting landmarks or enjoying a trip with friends. It is also a good spot to have a wedding and has become one of the best places in the Middle East for destination weddings.

Once you choose to have your wedding in Qatar, there are a few things you need to know. The best wedding venues in this country are mostly grand halls and luxurious hotels. There are a handful of resorts and others but the deals and features offered by most of these halls are usually a dream come true.

From offering you a choice of the look of the hall to amazing wedding planners, large parking spaces, exquisite dishes and all; these wedding venues leave you with no option than to accept their offer and make your special day a memorable one. It is also fortunate that most of them are located in prime centers that avail you views of iconic places in the country or even leave you just a stone throw from those landmarks.

Without further ado, below are some of the best places in Qatar for destination weddings in 2021.

1. Bab Al Rayyan Halls

Since it was opened in 2014, Bab Al Rayyan Halls have become one of the best places to have your dream wedding in Qatar. The halls allow you choose how you want the setting to look and have professional teams on ground ready to help you through every step of the way. The entire building also has an adjoining hall and can hold up to 800 guests with a car park that can accommodate up to 600 cars. There are several packages from which you can choose the best one for your event and have the most wonderful time tying knots with the spouse of your dream.

2. Doha Celebration Halls

Doha Celebration Halls offer one of the best wedding venues available in the country for a reasonable price. Apart from the normal hall for events, there is also a special wedding venue that suites all kinds of engagement and wedding parties. In order to make your special day a memorable one, the event specialists provided will help with the planning and show their expertise by giving you a wonderful day planned to the smallest detail.

3. Ezdan Palace Hotel

The first hotel on the list is straight from a movie or fantasy land into reality. The 1,905 square meters Jawaher ballroom is one of the most fabulous places to have your wedding in the whole of Doha with its high ceiling and imposing chandeliers. The event planners are always on ground to help you plan every part of the celebration from food to décor, theme, musicals and all. Not so many places can boast of the grandeur of the hall.

4. La Cigale Hotel

La Cigale Hotel offers more than enough to make your wedding worth every dime spent on it. The impressive ballroom, Le Crillion has spectacular panoramic view of Doha City and is gorgeously decorated with Murano chandeliers to give a notable outlook to the oval-shaped hall. Apart from the top-notch ballroom, the event planners are way more experienced than what you will get at most other places as they allow you enjoy your time in the country while taking care of everything from food to decorations, theme, musicals, styling, photo and video shooting amidst any other things to make your day a spectacular one.

5. Four Seasons Hotel Doha

Once it is a Four Seasons branch, you can be assured the experience will be taken to another level entirely. The hotel is beautiful with resort-like aura sure to add magical feeling to your celebration. Another advantage using this hotel comes with is the option of indoor and outdoor venues which can be the grand Al Mirqab ballroom or the beachfront Grand Terrace. Both venues are flexible for any sort of celebration and can be arranged to accommodate varying size of guest lists. There is also a professional team on ground to cater for every need along the way.

6. Regency Halls

Regency Halls promise a wedding celebration fit for royalty. There are event planners who will plan every detail of your wedding without leaving a stone unturned. They get engaged in everything and leave you with no need to fidget. From designing wedding invitation letters to taking care of decorations, accommodation for the couples and their guests, food, souvenirs and even valet parking. With their team, nothing can ever go awry. There is the option of two halls which are The Red Hall and The Andalusia Hall, which both offer a dreamy look for your intimate or grand wedding.

7. Royal Hall

When you get to Qatar, all you need to do is seek out Royal Hall at Al Medan Street Muaither in Doha and allow the experienced team to help plan your wedding to become the most engaging event in the world. The grandeur of the hall will be tweaked to suit your taste and the necessary details such as food, accommodation, decorations and more will be put into consideration in order to ensure everything goes smoothly.

8. Mondrian Doha

For an extravagant wedding, Mondrian Doha is your place to go. The hotel offers a grandiose 2000 square meter ballroom with a team to customize it to your taste. The first look gives you the sight of impressive chandeliers as well as full-length curtains in gold, red maroon and royal blue, all to give it a luxurious and opulent appeal. There is a special suite for the bride known as the Opal Bridal Suite which is connected to the ballroom by a 24K gold-sculpted elevator and a marble suitcase with golden handrail which allows the bride to sweep into the room in the most spectacular way.

9. Sheraton Grand Doha Resort and Convention Hotel

Sheraton Grand Doha Resort and Convention Hotel has been praised by Qataris and foreigners as being one of the most remarkable places to have your wedding ceremony in the country. The hotel built its reputation of the welcoming feel and the warm attitudes of its members of staff which will make everyone feel like they stepped into another home. They offer their services skillfully and aptly deliver the best wedding to you on a grand platter.

10. The Torch Doha

Finally, we have The Torch Doha, which is one of the most amazing wedding venues in the whole of the country. This is a fact attested to by the stunning atmosphere as well as the glamorous outlook with glimmering candelabras. The team are skilled and will plan your day to the commendable point in order for you to have the best wedding experience.