With most countries on lockdown which means public places such as schools, fun houses, gyms, and many more have been closed down; it is very important to keep the children active and engaged in this indefinite forced holiday. The outbreak has disrupted so many things worldwide and governments of different countries are making sure preventive measures are being taken seriously in every area. Social distancing is one of the most preached preventive measures as it will help reduce the number of people you come in contact with, thereby reducing your risk of contracting the disease.

Most people have been instructed to work from home and this means parents are going to be spending more time with their children than they normally would. Combining work with taking care of children can be terribly stressful which is why it’s very important to keep them engaged.

More importantly, children need to make the most of this period by getting engaged in educative yet entertaining activities which will ensure they’re active mentally and prepared to get back to school as soon as this period is over.

Here is out list of 10 creative ideas to keep kids entertained and educated at home while off school.

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1. Piano Lessons

Children love music a lot and they react to any kind of sound that comes their way and that’s why they can easily learn with rhymes and sounds. Getting a piano for them under this circumstance might seem far-fetched but you can as well make their tabs a great platform for them to start taking piano lessons with virtual piano which will further develop their musical abilities. This will also help enhance their brain functionality because music is a really great therapy.

2. Baking

Another way to keep them entertained and also educated is to involve them in baking. Make cupcakes with them and let them enjoy having some flour to play with. Children are naturally inquisitive so anytime you bring up something they’ve never done before, they pay attention and that’s the case with baking too, especially when they have a couple of cupcakes waiting for them in the end.

3. Engage them in Board Games

Board games are old school but yet they still do the trick. If you need some time to yourself with work and your children wouldn’t let you, just set up a nice board game like Monopoly for them and let them battle it out with themselves. Monopoly is one of the educative games ever and children particularly should enjoy every bit of it.

4. Kids’ Learning Channels on Youtube

YouTube has proved to be a great learning platform not just for adults but for kids too. There are so many channels dedicated educating and entertaining kids of all ages through music and animation. It can never be boring for them as it’s a win-win situation both for you and the children because while they’re busy learning and getting entertained, you also will have enough time and space for your work.

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5. Teach them how to Cook

Teaching your kids how to cook will not only entertain and educate them, it will also prepare them for the future and teach them how to survive on their own when they’re grown. This particular activity will go a long way and stay with them forever as most healthy kids are inquisitive and fast learners. The best way to go about this is to get them into the kitchen to safely prepare meals together; healthy meals in particular will be very beneficial as it will encourage them to adopt a healthy eating habit from a young age.

6. CoolMath4Kids

Admittedly, math is never an interesting subject and that made it difficult for some to put up with. With CoolMath4Kids, your kids can learn mathematics in the most interesting way. The platform features a combination of mathematics and games like Alien Addition, Dirt Bike Fractions, Grand Prix Multiplication, and Jet Ski Addition. With these combinations, one can only wonder how interesting kids will find math, and how easy these games will make it look.

7. Make them spend some time in front of the TV

There are so many channels on the TV with only one aim; entertaining the children! Not only will children find these channels fascinating, most of these channels also brace them up morally so while they get entertained, they’re also getting the moral education they need for their age. Barney & Friends for example teaches them different moral lessons from giving to standing up for others.

8. SciShow Kids

You’ll get to discover you child’s greatest ability by leaving him with many different options to explore, including science. The SciShow Kids is a YouTube channel that allows kids learn about the science of animals in the most interesting way.

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9. CreativeBug

CreativeBug is one of the most used learning platform for children as there are classes on everything kids need to remain entertained and educated including knitting, creating animal hats, making finger puppets, and many more. They might even make you a knitted purse in the process, we never can tell!

10. BrainPOP

BrainPOP gives you free access to subjects like English, Science, Math, Arts and craft, and ‘new & trending’ section where children can be updated on the latest exciting things in the world. It is an educative platform and children will particularly love every minute spent here.