One of the best feelings you have when you own an SUV or a truck with amazing off-road capabilities is when you go have all the fun you want on that off-road trip.

Although a good and powerful vehicle is not all you need when you’re planning an off-road trip, it is important that you need a very capable vehicle, coupled with equally powerful off-roading gears because they can also be classified as essentials.

Often times, we’ve seen people go on off-road trips and get stuck because forget to go with one gear or the other, leaving them to ride on their lucks, and sometimes, it can get really awkward. To avoid finding yourself in such situations, it is extremely wise to own these off-roading essentials.

Hence, we’ve put together the 13 most essential and must-have off-roading gear and accessories you need before embarking on any off-road trip this 2020.

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1. Spot Headlamp

The Spot Headlamp is one of the most important off-road gears because of the need to get under your vehicle if the need ever arises. If you’re ever stuck on the road with the need to get under your vehicle so you can fix a couple of things, the fact that you’ll need to work with both hands leaves you with only two realistic options; your mouth and your head. The latter seems more realistic because holding a lamp with your mouth sounds a bit awkward.

2. Winch

If your vehicle ever gets stuck in sand or mud, or any other obstacles whatsoever, which is even more likely considering the nature of every off-road location, the best tool to use in this case is the winch. This tool is very essential for recovery and obviously one of the most valuable tools for a safe off-roading and if you ever find yourself in any of the above-mentioned situations, your winch will definitely get you out of it.

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3. Tire Repair Kit

If you’re heading out for an off-road trip, you sure must have proper off-road tires for your vehicle. When you’re off-roading, your tires are prone to little dangers like being penetrated by a nail, which means you must be really ready for things like that and that’s what the tire repair kit is meant for.

4. Air Compressor Kit

Air compressor kit allows you air down your vehicle which is one of the necessary requirements for off-road driving. The tire pressure for off-road driving should be significantly lesser than that of on-road driving. You can also decide to air up, depending on which vehicle you’re driving but do not embark on an off-road trip without an air compressor kit.

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5. Maxtrax

When you’re off-roading, one of the vulnerabilities you have is your vehicle getting stuck and winch can unnecessarily be difficult a lot of times because it requires a lot of strength, which is why Maxtrax is a very good alternative. Just place this tool under the stuck tire and drive right on it, then you’re free to continue your trip. It works like magic.

6. Jump Starter

Imagine trying to head back home after a long day of off-roading and you can’t ignite your vehicle because the battery is dead; that could be very annoying. The jump starter will make you not rely on another vehicle to jump your vehicle as it can do all the battery work for you, all you have to do keep it charged and it will always be there for you anytime you call on it.

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7. Hand Tools Kit

This is an all-in-one kind of tool and it is very essential for any off-road trip. Hand tools mostly consist of wrenches, screw drivers, pliers, and all other essential little tools. Prepare for the unexpected by always off-roading with these tools to avoid being stuck.

8. Work Gloves

Work Gloves probably sounds weird but the truth is that it is also very essential because you’ll be needing them to fix up your stuck SUV or truck because clearing up sands or gravels, or doing any kind of work on the undercarriage can be tough work and can be very rough on your hands. Additionally, on a more personal term, work gloves are hygienic to own as they will ensure that your hands are kept clean at least.

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9. Spade

Do not ever go off-roading without a spade. You do not necessarily have to go with some old-school and old-fashioned spade, there more technology-driven spades that are even foldable. If your vehicle ever gets stuck, you will definitely need to do some digging which is where the spade comes in.

10. Hi-Lift Jack

Jack is a very important tool. As long as what you need to fix in your vehicle requires you to get underneath it, you will most definitely need a jack. You must always learn to go off-roading with your jack because you don’t want to get stuck trying to improvise without having the proper tool.

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11. Fire Extinguisher

If you had to leave anything out of the things you’d take with you for an off-road trip, it shouldn’t be the fire extinguisher. Off-roading itself is a dangerous kind of activity and to shield yourself and your vehicle – or friends and family (if you’re journeying with them) – from serious accidents, you will need to always carry a fire extinguisher in your trunk.

12. Backup Gasoline

A backup gasoline is highly recommended for any off-road trip. Bringing this along with your vehicle is highly important because unexpected occurrences can take place, and you might have to stay longer than you’ve planned or go somewhere unplanned.

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13. First Aid Kit

Injuries can occur when you’re off-roading because of the nature of the activity, which is why you always have to carry with you a first aid kit for primary treatment before you get to the hospital, if the injury is extreme. It is safe to know that while first aid kit is an ideal treatment kit, it can’t solely be relied upon and can’t stand in for the proper treatment you’ll get from professional medical personnel.