It is the goal of Dubai to become one of the healthiest cities in the world by 2025. In a bid to further this goal, the government has become engaged in ways to promoting healthy lifestyle and encouraging all that could bring the dream into fruition.

But as goals are not things that can be achieved singularly, the people of Dubai are also as involved in this agenda as their government. Reports have shown that there is an increasing level of people who cultivate simple vegetables and such in their homes in a bid to have better access to healthy meal and to promote a green culture.

While policies and campaigns are being deployed in the achievement of these goals, other methods are also in use simultaneously. Restaurants have cropped up with menus dedicated solely to healthy meals and lifestyle. Therefore, it is not until one visits a home in the city that one could have access to good food; one can also pop into one of the restaurants situated in different parts of the city and dedicated to healthiness.

With that being said, join us as we take a look at some of the best Dubai restaurants for healthy eating.

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1. Zerofat

Zerofat caters for the healthy cravings of their customers and also help these people further their goal of a healthy diet away from the restaurant by offering a meal plan service for those who want to continue their healthy lifestyle away from the café. Their menu includes sandwiches, super bowls, salads, burgers and oil-free pizzas. A healthy meal plus the complimentary yoga classes in Zerofat is sure to be a huge step to living a healthy life.

2. Super Natural Kitchen

Super Natural Kitchen is a fully vegan restaurant committed to the whole healthy living lifestyle. Their dishes are all made with alternatives for non-vegan ingredients and are totally rid of refined sugar, honey, gluten, dairy, preservatives and of course, animal products. Some of their classics are the cashew nuts prepared in place of cheese, salmon in place of marinated papaya and a faux duck in place of crispy Asian-style roles.

3. Comptoir 102

Comptoir 102 is a healthy café with a garden setting and they serve organic, vegan and gluten-free meals. The homey café is located at 102 Beach Rd, Jumeirah 1.

4. Bounty Beets

Bounty Beets restaurant is located in Dubai Marina and has taken on the role of Gourmet by Kcal after the latter’s closure. The interior is decorated in bright colors to ooze a welcoming aura while the menu contains healthy food such as butternut squash risotto, vegan burgers and other treats such as caramel coconut cheesecake. If you are craving a late breakfast, you can pop in there with no guilt or fear of junk eating. Bounty Beets is located as Le meridian Mina Seyahi, Al Sufouh, Dubai and opens daily from 8am to 10pm.

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5. Pineapple Express

The aesthetics of Pineapple Express makes it as healthy for food as much as it is healthy on one’s sight. The boutique café is decorated with pineapple accents and serves its eals in carved out pineapples as bowls. The healthy full catered by this restaurant are also colourful, making it a spot to visit in order to improve one’s mood as well as one’s health. You should check out their posh fish, flaky furikake and mighty maui, all designed for a healthy lifestyle.


Right from the name, the purpose of this restaurant has been clarified. The name HEAT stands for Healthy Eats & Treats and has become a favorite of fitness fanatics. The restaurant totally caters to people on health-focused diet as the mid-size café boasts of popular dishes such as the bodybuilder bowl, low-carb pizza and all-natural pancakes. HEAT is located at Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim 2, jumeirah and opens from 7am to midnight.

7. Kulture House

Kulture House which located in a villa in Jumeirah serves as a café, a shop and a florist. Their setting is lively, colorful and comfy while the menu consists of healthy dishes including avocado on toast, acai bowls and quinoa date salad.

8. Baker & Spice

Baker & Spice has six branches in Dubai in total; Souk Al Bahar, Town Centre, Marina Promenade, Souk Al Manzil, Gold & Diamond Park, and S Hotel. They serve healthy food guided by the seasons and ethical principles, which is why their food is always fresh, organic and homemade.

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9. Tashas

The ambience in Tasha is as healthy as the dishes they serve. The fabulous interiors give a comfortable aura that makes one sit back and enjoy the healthy food they provide. The gorgeous café has three branches in Dubai; Marina Mall, Jumeirah, and Al Jalila.

10. Wildflower Poke & More

Wildflower Poke & More is a part of the Freedom Pizza group and is becoming increasingly recognized in the bustling Dubai Studio City, as one of the healthy food restaurants dedicated to providing fresh and tasty treats, such as seared ahi sandwiches and a Korean fried chicken sandwich. The restaurant does not just promote healthy eating but also an overall healthy lifestyle and sustainable development as they pack their products in eco-friendly packages such as bamboo straws, cutlery and keep-cups.

11. Wild & The Moon

Wild & The Moon offers the best healthy food with the most delicious fresh juice in the area. The dishes on their menu include a number of bowls such as Acai, matcha, noodles, superfood, quinoa, granola as well as tacos, focaccia and soup.

12. Kave

Kave is all committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle in Dubai and not just through their menu of healthy dishes but also by encouraging other activities necessary to achieve a healthy lifestyle. In furtherance of this, they operate in a plastic-free environment, offer up-cycling services, workshops, home styling sessions and consultations on how to make your home or business more eco-friendly.

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13. VIBE – The Retreat Palm Dubai

Vibe in Palm Jumeirah gives you the vibe necessary for a healthy lifestyle. The buffet is filled with several healthy options to feed on while the restaurant simultaneously offers a free DNA genetics test which will tell you the secrets of your health and how to continue living a healthy lifestyle. Their signature meals include air-dried beef, salmon graviax, roasted vegetables and whole crabs. The desert abandons sweets and instead provides more healthy options such as mixed berry crumble, charcoal mousse and nutella cake.

14. The Acai Spot

The Acai Spot is praised for serving the best Acai bowls in town as well as other tasty healthy food such as avocado on toast, chicken, salmon wraps, among others. They dishes are served in ways that shows that good food can also serve aesthetic purposes.

15. Omnia Gourmet

The serene atmosphere of Omnia Gourmet makes it a good spot to relax with loved ones while bingeing on healthy food. The team of chefs is led by Chef Silvena and they work to provide meals devoid of sugar, gluten or dairy.

16. Walnut Grove

Walnut Grove in Dubai is a South African restaurant while a healthy menu to include a wide variety of salads and the occasional bit of rainbow cake. The restaurant is all committed to making the consumption of healthy food as much fulfilling as any other meals can be.

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17. Skye & Walker

Skye & Walker is popular for its signature avocado and toast but the restaurant also promotes sustainable growth through the use of eco-friendly materials for packaging. It is located in Marriott Executive Apartments in Dubai Creek.

18. Nathalie’s

If you are around Fit Republic, Sport City, you can drop by Nathalie’s for a healthy breakfast, lunch and even dinner. They also serve snacks with coffee, all with the simple goal of healthiness.

19. Bareburger

Despite the name, bareburger is caters for an organic, grass-fed menu which of course includes a burger. This restaurant balances the edge between junk food cravings and healthy diet.

20. COYA Dubai

COYA is a Peruvian restaurant, and one of the best restaurants to eat healthy food in Dubai. The restaurant has been praised by many as being a favorite. Their quinoa salad has gained a following and other dishes include calamari, spicy beef, tempura and corn salad. An advice from past customers is to not miss the special Dulche de leche.

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