Apple Cider Vinegar also known as ACV, has gained a global attention due to its cure-all nature as it can be used to treat a considerable number of diseases. ACV is made from fermented apples and water and as with other vinegars; Apple Cider Vinegar only has 5 percent acidity.

The combination of apple, sugar and yeast is what makes apple cider vinegar, and the process begins when the yeast causes the fruit combination to ferment and turn alcoholic and after the second fermentation process, turns the alcohol into acetic acid and at this stage, it is no longer alcohol, it is now vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar has now gained a reputation as a substance that can help with everything ranging from reduction in risk of cancer to weight loss. Although the key component in the apple cider vinegar is the acetic acid, the ACV also contains other substances like lactic, citric, bacteria, and malic acids.

For years now, the Apple Cider Vinegar has been used to solve many health problems and it’s something that can be found in most homes so because it can also serve as a disinfectant and natural preservative.

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Health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar undoubtedly has so many health benefits both major and minor, and its importance cannot be understated in any way. Below are some of the best ways the ACV can be beneficial to one’s health.

Weight loss

A 12-week study from Japan has reported that people who consume up to 30 milliliters (equivalent to about 6 teaspoons) of vinegar on a daily basis will experience about two pounds reduction in body weight. People consume a great amount of apple cider vinegar when they’re trying to lose weight and some can even go as far as taking it in the tablet form.

Blood level regulation

A study from 2004 brought lots of hope to the people after a group that drank an Apple Cider Vinegar solution and then ate a meal that had high carbohydrate had lower spikes in blood sugar than those who took a placebo. Although this is certainly no cure for diabetes, it can be very helpful in making sure your blood sugar level is properly managed which is a huge thing for those who live with type 2 diabetes.

Yeast infection treatment

Apple Cider Vinegar has proved to be a very helpful substance and the list of things it can do is a really long one. A case study in the journal “Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine” showed that doctors cured a 32-year old woman suffering from chronic yeast infections with a properly applied apple cider vinegar. Although this has proved to be an effective method to cure yeast infection, experts have warned against trying this alone without properly consulting your gynecologist.

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Improvement of skin conditions

This is perhaps the most tricky part because as important and healthy the apple cider vinegar is, there are limits to its application on the bare skin. A study in the Annals of Dermatology found that treating skin of mice that had eczema with acidic cream that had the vinegar substance in it improved barrier function for better hydration. This experiment was done on animals and the ACV was added to a cream which is why experts always warn against applying pure vinegar on the bare skin. If one has to apply ACV on the bare skin, it should always be the diluted one and of course, not without consulting a dermatologist.

Reduced inflammation

Although there are no studies that directly consider ACV as a therapy for gastrointestinal diseases, the apple cider vinegar has proved to help reduce inflammation and also lessen the symptoms. It is advisable to always consult your doctor before you try the ACV if you have any inflammatory conditions.

Dosage of Apple Cider Vinegar

It is always advisable to talk to your doctor before you take Apple Cider Vinegar for any health purpose. The ACV is not always in the liquid form as it has been incorporated in tablets too, and in some cases, creams. Although there is no standard dosage for Apple Cider Vinegar, here are some basic things you need to know before you use the ACV for health reasons.

Apply only diluted Apple Cider Vinegar on your skin

In cases of skin treatment, it is very important for you to dilute the apple cider vinegar before you apply it to the body. If you possess a delicate skin, there’s need to always resist the temptation of having to apply so much Apple Cider Vinegar on your skin.

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Avoid using Apple Cider Vinegar on broken or bleeding skin

No matter what you might need the ACV for, once you have a broken skin or there’s an area of your skin that’s bleeding, it is good to stay away from using the ACV at that particular moment, till the wounds heal up at least.

Side Effects of Apple Cider Vinegar

Tissue damage

Direct application of apple cider vinegar on the skin can cause a burning sensation, irritation, and in some cases, rashes. To avoid these side effects, always ensure your apple cider vinegar is always properly diluted and in the case of a broken skin, just stay away from it completely.

Digestion problem

Intake of apple cider vinegar may cause unpleasant digestive symptoms in some people.  The presence of the acetic acid in ACV may decrease appetite and increase the feeling of fullness, leading to reduction in food intake.

Tooth enamel damage

You can get your tooth enamel destroyed when you take an undiluted apple cider vinegar due to its very high acidic level. When you take an undiluted Apple Cider Vinegar, you will be exposed to increase in dental sensitivity, as well as giving a yellowish tinge to your teeth.

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