Dubai Customs have seized 800,000 Captagon pills smuggled into the country through the Port of Jebel Ali, with the help of sniffer dogs and an advanced container scanning system.

The pills said to be worth Dh3 million, was found concealed in the fuel tank of a boat shipment coming to the Port of Jebel Ali. Customs Intelligence officers became suspicious of an inbound shipment that was flagged by the Risk Engine system as a high-risk container consignment from an Arab country.

According to Youssel Al Hashemi, director of Jebel Ali Customs Centers, a team was formed from the Special Tasks staff of the Customs Intelligence Department and inspection officers at Jebel Ali Customs Inspection Centre to carefully track down the movement of the shipment. After scanning the container using the Advanced Container Scanning System, an abnormal density was observed and with the help of the Customs K-9 Dog unit, the illegal Captagon pills were uncovered.

Commenting on the seizure, Shuaib Al Suwaidi, director of Customs Intelligence, pointed out that the drug smuggling attempt was efficiently foiled thanks to the targeting and risk assessment capacities of the Risk Engine system which was developed in-house by Dubai Customs.

In May this year, Dubai Customs foiled an attempt to smuggle 5.7 million Captagon pills, worth Dh21.4 million, into the country.