Kuwait is ranked high among the top oil-rich countries in the world, thanks to its surplus petroleum resources which have remained the major source of revenue for the country. Also, while it is situated on the Arabian Peninsula, it operates a monarchy governing system, and it is currently being ruled by Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah who was made emir of the state since 29 January, 2006.

That been said, Kuwait has a very strong cultural heritage, and is mostly characterized as an Islamic land. Despite its strong religious and cultural heritage, the State of Kuwait accounts for more expats than actual citizen.

The population of the country is currently estimated at approximately 4.7 million out of which about 70% are expatriates. Considering the fast growing number of expats in the country, it is very important for new incoming expats to have an idea of the places in Kuwait and what benefits they offer.

Hence, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best areas for expats to live in Kuwait in 2021.

1. Kuwait City

Kuwait City is the capital of the Arabian Gulf nation of Kuwait. This area is one of the best places to move to as an expats considering many factors including industrialization, job-opportunities, and security among several other things. The city offers a quality educational system, so that citizens and expats don’t have to worry so much about colleges, high and elementary schools for their kids. However, this comes at a great price, even for a living standard.

2. Al Asimah (Capital)

Translated to mean ‘Capital’, this area is one of the six governorates in the entire Kuwait. Al Asimah is very popular for the many business activities that are being carried out in the area, and as such more advantageous for business owners and individual. Expats also tap into this opportunity by residing in the area, considering that there are numerous job opportunities. Some prominent businesses, hotels and places in this district include the likes of Sheraton Hotel, JW Marriot, Liberation Tower- tallest telecom tower in the world, and The Avenues Mall to mention a few. This area is considered one of the best for expats.

3. Salmiya

This area is located in the southeast of Kuwait, and it is considered to be one of the largest in the area. Just like most places in the country, Salmiya also consist of both residential and commercial areas; where the blocks in the interior of the district are mostly residential while the other in the Arabian Gulf includes commercial areas. Due to its great networking to other part of Kuwait, a lot of expats finds living here as a better option as they easily travel to other areas conveniently.

4. Mahboula

This is a district towards the south of Kuwait City, and it is another considerable residential area for expats. Apart from being a beautiful city, Mahboula also provides more exposure and leisure than most of the other areas in the country, making it very popular among expats in the country, especially the young ones who love to explore a lot.

5. Al Ahmadi

This is the heart of Kuwait as it is considered to be the ‘bread and butter’ of the country mostly because of the oil refineries that are situated in the district. It stands alone as a city on its own, and it is partly residential and commercial at the same time. While this place is a good place for expats, the apartments and villas in this location are specifically designed in a westernized fashion as it homes more westerner expats in most cases. Anyways, this is a completely great place for expats who are looking for affordable yet classic area to settle in.

6. Al Jahra

This is another great neighborhood in Kuwait, and it consist a lot of notable places including Khaima Mall, and Entertainment City. While it is also considered the Agricultural area of Kuwait, the area is one of the top priorities for expats because of the amazing buildings that exist in the area. Most of the apartments and villas in this location are designed in a westernized fashion considering that it is mostly endorsed for most westerner expatriates.

7. Al Farwaniyah

This district is very popular because it is the base for a lot of major Airlines in the country, and while it has a quite large population mostly because of its many residential building; it is home to many expats especially the Asian and the Arab nationals who happen to be the majority in the country. Here there are quite a lot of cheap and affordable accommodations, although, many of them are old buildings. However, a lot of expats only care about getting a place to live and not the luxury aspect of it, they’re in the country to so they can have a lot to take home after all. Some of the prominent places in this district include the Kuwait Zoo, Kuwait International Airport, etc.

8. Salwa

This area is located in the Hawalli Governorate of Kuwait, and it homes a lot of expats including Asians, Westerners, British etc. While the area is has a serene and peaceful ambience, it might not be a good option many as it consist of more old construction than modern. However, expats who seek for a low-profile area will fall in love with this area. Overall, the area spots several shopping centers, restaurants, supermarkets, private English and American schools, and government-owned medical clinics, so you don’t have to step out of the zone except for commercial reasons.

9. Jabriya

This is one of the largest areas in Kuwait with respect to space and residential options. Some of the notable organizations in this area include the Kuwait Central Blood Bank, and Kuwait Medical Association (KMA). It is also a good place to live for expats, especially those who seek appropriate education, giving that quality schools such as the likes of Fajr Al Sabah, Bayan Bilingual School, and The English Academy which are considered to be some of the best schools in Kuwait.

10. Mubarak Al-Kabeer

This district is more of residential area than commercial, although that’s not to say that businesses doesn’t take place here, however, if compared to other places is very minor. Here, there are a lot of hotels, attractions, and restaurants which have all made a lot of expats perceive this area to be a really conducive place to live, and in most cases journey to other areas for commercial reasons. Also, while this district is considered to be an abode for the elites, you can as well expect a very high-standard of living. The area is flooded with big and elegant houses which showcase the quiet and sophisticated lifestyle of Kuwait. If you are an expat who is seeking for the luxury lifestyle, then here is a considerable option for you.