Qatar is one of the world’s most famous oil-rich countries and it is widely known as the world’s richest country with a GDP per capita of approximately $134,620, leaving the country on par with some of the world’s strongest countries. The United Nations has also classified Qatar as a country of very high human development and it is also globally regarded as the most advanced Arab country for human development. Qatar is home to the world’s third-largest natural gas reserves and oil reserves, making the country’s economic state very stable than ever.

Qatar’s stable economy has attracted many expats as there are so many job opportunities in the country which is also a tax-free country. The standard of living in Qatar is way above average and that is because it has high-paying jobs which is why expats troop in to the country to take permanent jobs. History has it that expats make up over 80% of Qatar’s population; we can as well call it the foreigner’s country.

For people who are just moving into Qatar or looking to move to a new area in country, and still haven’t decided on which area to settle in, here are the 10 best areas for expats to live in Qatar in 2021.

1. Lusail City

Lusail City is one of the most popular residential areas in Qatar and it is just 20 minutes drive from the city. Considered a great neighborhood for being home to four exclusive islands and 19 multi-purpose residential and commercial districts, the city is a certified sustainable and comprehensively planned city which consists of commercial towers, public marinas, leisure spots, schools, park and ride system, pedestrian road network and a water taxi transportation system, all making the city a very ideal one for expats, especially the ones with families.

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2. Ain Khaled

This neighborhood is actually filled with low-cost apartments, mostly compounds and standalone villas. The availability of the fish, vegetable and plant wholesale market always leaves the residents of this neighborhood with fresh supplies at affordable rates. Expats love to live in this area because it is generally peaceful and life is very much affordable there, let alone affordable schools for children.

3. West Bay Lagoon

The West Bay Lagoon is a luxurious residential area, filled with attractive and very stylish lifestyle. The residential area houses tall apartments and luxurious waterside villa; and because of its closeness to the Doha skyline ultra-modern tall buildings, five-star hotels, and exotic shopping malls like the iconic City Center, office workers always see it as a perfect option for them. Although the area is mostly traffic-congested, people who love to always feel the buzz of this area don’t mind because the neighborhood is a generally lively one and it’s an ideal one for young expats who mostly don’t have families yet.

4. Msheireb Downtown Doha

Msheireb Downtown Doha is one of the city’s oldest commercial centers and it also houses the world’s first sustainable downtown regeneration project. Residents of this neighborhood gets to enjoy amazing facilities like a school, mosques, hotels, the iconic Msheireb Museums, coupled with amazing views across the waters. This neighborhood is a perfect family-friendly one for both locals and expats who prioritize peaceful and affordable life.

5. The Pearl-Qatar

If you are looking for an outlandishly luxury residential development with some of the country’s most exclusive properties, look no other than the The Pearl-Qatar. The man-made island offers its resident a wonderful living experience, with luxury apartments designed to face the artificial lake that lies just ahead of this city, giving the neighborhood an amazing view which can’t be found in many areas in the country. There are enough fun attractions in this community, so much that people from all across the country troop in to see the beauties of the community.

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6. Al Sadd

This area is very popular among expats, especially the ones who are still single or couples who are without children because of the exuberant lifestyle of this neighborhood. The neighborhood is well known for having a football club (Al Sadd Football Club) that competes in the country’s top tier, Qatar Stars League. The city is also a commercial hub which houses numerous restaurants, shops, schools, and local business.

7. Al Waab

Al Waab is one of the best neighborhoods for families in the country and that is because of the presence of high-standard schools and the popular Aspire Zone which is also known as the Doha Sports City. You can enroll your children in these schools as well as the sport center where they can discover their hidden talents, or develop them if they’ve already been identified. Places like restaurants and local shops can also be found throughout the neighborhood, leaving its residents with a stress-free shopping experience.

8. Al Khor

Al Khor is just a thirty-minute drive from Doha and the coastal area is a perfect option for expats who are not fans of the city’s everyday hassles; that can only mean one thing; peace. The community is filled with spacious accommodations which are relatively cheap due to its location in the suburbs of Doha. Although residents might have to take the 30-minute drive to get some of the things they need as they can’t all be found in the community, the community still proves to be a very cool place to live in, filled with undeveloped beaches where one can just decide to go have a wonderful natural feel.

9. Al-Rayyan

Although this neighborhood can be quite expensive due to the well-arranged apartments which mostly feature facilities like tennis courts, swimming pools, and gyms; the community is an ideal one for those who can afford it. Families don’t need to go out much to have a good time because some of these things are already available in the area, except if they want to try something more fun-filled like seeing attractive parks which are just very close by.

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10. Abu Hamour

Abu Hamour is very close to Ain Khalid and they share almost everything right from the building structures to some of their basic facilities too. This neighborhood is a very friendly neighborhood and yet like Ain Khalid, it has a market where one can get fresh farm produce at affordable prices. Abu Hamour is a very popular residential area among expats because living here is affordable and for people who have families, it is the perfect place to be, especially with an environment that’s so peaceful to raise children, coupled with amazing schools.