Dubai has not just been a popular destination for tourists because of the high-end skyscrapers and lavish lifestyles; it has also been popular for being a place that professionals aspiring career growth migrate to.

The UAE generally is ditching oil to focus on more ways of generating revenues for the country because the country could run out of oil in some years time. The country has made a huge alternative plan which is to focus on tourism, real estate and other forms of investment.

The city of Dubai has attracted professionals from across the globe to seek jobs in the city, and this fact has only made Dubai’s reputation stronger as a city that with cultural diversity which embraces peaceful experience for expats who live and work in the city.

Dubai doesn’t just house the best architectural structures, it also provides a chance of living a good life and making more money than one can make in one’s home country.

That said, below are the top 10 advantages of working in Dubai.

1. Income Tax-Free

One of the ultimate reasons one moves to a new country to work is the search for greener pastures and that means making more money than one would usually make in one’s home country and running from all the financial constraints which tax is at the center of. Dubai (and the rest of the Emirates) is income tax-free, and 5% Value Added Tax is levied on a majority of goods and services. In the UAE, the gross income goes straight to the employee’s bank account so that means all your hard earned money is all yours. This helps you save more for long term personal needs.

2. English Language is generally spoken

Although it is an Arab city, Dubai is known for being culturally diversified which has made English a generally spoken language in the city. This enhances better communication with the natives and makes it easier for expats from different parts of the world to land good jobs and business deals. In Dubai, there’s no language hindrance; as long as you can speak English to a certain point, you’re good to go. Although the ability to speak a little bit of Arabic will come in handy someday, it is not compulsory to learn how to speak the native Arabic language, unless of course, you feel it is a personal priority.

3. Meeting people from across the globe

The majority of the people working in Dubai are expatriates, which means they’re people from different countries who have come to Dubai in search of greener pastures. You get to work with most of them on a daily basis and you can learn about the cultures of their different countries, expanding your knowledge about foreign countries.

4. Second-to-none Infrastructure

Dubai has a growing network of roads, railways, ports and other infrastructural projects that are making life easier for people living and working in the country. Whether you’re driving a car of your own or you’re using the public transport, plans have been properly made and executed to make commuting in the city very easy.

5. Fuel is extremely cheap, so are cars

Like most of the other Arab countries, the UAE has a fair share of the oil riches which has greatly benefited the 7 Emirates in the country, generally reducing the cost of owning and maintaining a car in the process. Cars generally cheaper in Dubai, and to maintain the car is absolutely not outlandish compared to the situation in other countries.

6. Religious Tolerance

In spite of the fact that Dubai is an Arab city, and Islam is the most practiced religion in the city, the city is very tolerant and diplomatic when it comes to the acceptance of other religions. Just because you’re in Dubai doesn’t mean you must practice Islam; you can freely practice your own religion without any problem as long as you do not disrespect their religion. Although during Ramadan (the holy month where all Muslims fast from dawn to sunset), there are some restrictions regarding how you eat in the public, this still doesn’t stop you from staying true to your own religion.

7. Guaranteed general safety

The UAE is unarguably one of the safest countries in the Arab region, making Dubai one of the safest cities in the world. The crime rate in Dubai is outstandingly low and hardly will you see news of unnecessary crimes on the TV. The presence of huge police set up in the country makes it hard for anybody to commit any form of crime so you don’t have to have your head over your shoulders every time you are walking on the streets.

8. You can easily start your own business

This is one of the reasons why Dubai is widely regarded as the land of opportunity. Each time there is a new market and new consumers to target, and the meteoric rise of internet is presenting to people real opportunities to make it big in the city. We’ve seen expats come to Dubai to create businesses that have gone from small to extra-large. Sim Whatley and J.C. Butler are good examples; they came to Dubai and founded Dubizzle and in 2019, they sold it for an estimated $400 million; all that happened in Dubai.

9. You get to enjoy all the beauties of Dubai

This is where people save money all year long only to come spend it at a particular point of the year because they just can’t miss being in the city to see all the wonders even if they just have to stay for a couple of days. Working in Dubai gives you an added advantage over them because where people get to see just once on a yearly basis, you get to see every day. When you’re not working, there’s enough fun for you to have.

10. Great quality of life

Dubai offers the highest quality of life in the whole of Middle East, according to Mercer’s 2016 Quality of Living Rankings. One of the contributing factors to achieving that feat is the fact that the city is income tax-free. Contrary to the general opinion that living in Dubai is expensive; life is pretty affordable in Dubai and not just any life, a quality life.