The importance of technology in our world today can never be overemphasized. It will forever be part of human’s evolution and most of the things we enjoy today are very much owed to tech-inspired inventions. As a matter of fact, some of the world’s richest people are there today because of technology and that’s to show how heavily reliant the world is on technology. Speaking of tech inventions; we can’t talk about tech inventions without talking about smartphones. The fact that these smartphones are packed with digital features that used to be seen only on digital products like standard cameras, tells you everything you need to know about how far we’ve come. These smartphones are now in direct competition with other digital items and every year, we keep witnessing new models of smartphones come through, further putting the existence of these digital items in jeopardy.

When purchasing a new phone, as a tech-savvy person or someone with a lot of love for good camera quality, one of the things you look out for is how good the phone’s camera is.

Some of the smartphones have better camera quality than the conventional cameras we have today and that makes them an easy choice. Would you rather pick a conventional camera that is only meant for the purpose or a smartphone that will deliver equal, perhaps, better results with many more features to enjoy? We’ll let you decide. These smartphones have become popular over the years with the kind of features they’re packed with and that’s why some of them are priced higher than the so-called conventional cameras. Samsung and Apple are the leading manufacturers of game-changing camera phones and the competition between the two giant manufacturers is proving to be a healthy one, especially for consumers.

From the latest latest Samsung to the latest iPhone, we’ve highlighted the top 10 best camera phones in 2021 specially for you; check them out below.

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10. iPhone 12

It’s no surprise that the base model of the iPhone 12 series is opening up our list. The phone is capable of recording 4k HDR video with a Dolby Vision video that stands at 30 FPS; so much for a base model of any phone. The iPhone 12 features a 12MP wide (f/1.6) and 12MP ultrawide (f/2.4) on the rear while the front camera has 12MP (f/2.2). Unlike the Pro Max which is 6GB RAM, the iPhone 12 only comes with 4GB while storage options include 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

9. Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

If you want another Samsung device that’s close to the S21 Ultra in terms of performance and camera quality, then the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus should be your go-to device. The phone runs on a Snapdragon 888 CPU, just like the Ultra and the 8GB RAM means you can easily enjoy the phone’s amazing features without issues. The rear part of the phone features a 12MP wide camera (f/1.8), 12MP ultra-wide (f/2.2), and a 64MP telephoto (f/2.0) with a 3x hybrid zoom. The front camera is a 10MP (f/2.2) which is not too far behind the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

8. Google Pixel 5

Year after year, with new phone models being introduced to consumers, people still consider the Google Pixel 5 to be one of the best camera phones, at least for another year. What this phone lacks in innovative up-to-date tech features, it makes up for with its point-and-shoot camera capability. On the rear, you have 12.2MP (27mm wide-angle lens, f/1.7, PDAF, OIS) and 16MP (ultrawide angle, f/2.2). For the front camera, there’s 8MP (24mm, f/2 wide) and a ToF 3D camera.

7. iPhone 12 Pro

The cameras on the iPhone 12 Pro looks very much like those on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but the iPhone 12 Pro Max outshines the iPhone 12 Pro, thanks to a larger sensor on the main snapper, and improved zoom on the telephoto. The iPhone 12 Pro features a 12MP (f/1.6) wide with OIS, a 12MP (f/2.0) telephoto camera with OIS and 2x optical zoom, and a 12MP (f/2.4) ultrawide camera. Like its big brother it also features a LiDAR scanner, which can be used to power augmented reality experiences and take Night Mode portrait shots. The phone also features a 12MP selfie camera also performs incredibly well.

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6. Huawei P40 Pro

Probably not one of the best smartphones when it comes to performance but its exceptional camera qualities rank it among the best as a good camera phone. The phone’s main camera is a 50MP (f/1.9) and it’s supported by an ultra-wide 40MP and a telephoto 12MP. On the front camera, there’s 32MP which is huge for a front camera, a feat that can only be matched by a few Android devices.

5. OnePlus 9 Pro

The recently-released OnePlus 9 Pro deserves a spot on this list for being the best of the rest. Featuring the new Android 11 OS, the OnePlus 9 Pro has one of the best camera qualities around with a rear camera of 48MP + 50MP + 8MP + 2MP and a front camera of 16MP. A 4,500mAh battery capacity sets it apart from the rest as you can now enjoy the wonderful features it’s packed with its amazing battery life. The phone also features a Snapdragon 888 CPU, 128/256GB internal storage options that can be extended through Micro SSD, and 8/12GB RAM options.

4. iPhone 12 Pro Max

This would have taken the top spot if Samsung and Huawei hadn’t existed. On the rear camera, you’ll find the 12MP wide (f/1.6), 12MP ultrawide (f/2.4), 12MP telephoto (f/2.2) while the front camera only features a 12MP (f/2.2). The $1000-priced Apple’s latest iPhone is the brand’s best yet as everybody hopes the upcoming iPhone 13 will be packed with features that this phone lacks. The phone features only 6GB of RAM while the storage options are 128GB, 256GB and 512GB.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Despite being only released last year, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has not only been regarded as one of the best camera phones in 2021 but ever! The phone comes with the popular S Pen that makes navigating through the phone very easy. The amazing camera qualities make it a great option for nice pictures and high-quality videos. The rear cameras include 108MP (f/1.8), 12MP (ultra-wide f/2.2), and 12MP (f/3 camera with 5x optical zoom and 50x digital zoom) while the front camera is just 10MP.

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2. Huawei Mate 40 Pro

This phone is not as popular as the other phones on this list because of the Google limit issues but apart from that, this phone is great and much more for its camera quality. The main rear camera is a 50MP (f/1.9) with support from a 12MP f/3.4 periscope with 5x optical zoom and a 20MP (ultrawide f/1.8).  It doesn’t matter if you’re taking landscapes or portrait shots, you can always count on the Huawei Mate 40 Pro. A front camera of 13MP f/2.4 with a ToF sensor for sensing depth caps the phone’s exceptional camera qualities.

1. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung has always held the number one spot for the best camera phones, and the tech giant did it again with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The dual telephoto lenses give the Galaxy S21 Ultra an edge over the phones on this list. The S21 Ultra’s rear camera features 108MP wide (f/1.8), 12MP ultra-wide (f/2.2), 10MP telephoto (3x zoom, f/2.4), 10MP telephoto (10x zoom, f/4.9) and a laser AF sensor. The front camera is packed with a whopping 40MP (f/2.2), making it the best camera phone in the smartphones industry. Performance-wise, this is also one of the best you can get your hands on now. The RAM options are 12 and 16GB with internal storage options of 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. The only downside that comes with this phone is that the storage is not expandable, meaning that you can’t use any external storage card with it.