It’s the start of the year and everybody is already looking forward to how adventurous the year is going to be. Dubai especially, looks forward to a historic year and not just because of global expectations surrounding the supposed eventful Expo 2020, but also because of the potential economic growth that even the entire UAE will benefit from after the conclusion of the World Expo.

The feeling around New Year is always extraordinary and the vibe is always very positive. After all, new things are supposed to come through and mostly, it’s another chance for the wrongs to be made right; more like a clean slate where everybody has the opportunity to write a totally different story from the one they wrote the previous year.

As a city that made a name for itself for inventing great sightseeing attractions like the Burj Khalifa, which still holds the record of being the world’s tallest building, and exotic shopping malls where one can shop for a million world-class items; there are no plans to slow down this year, instead more record-breaking structures are expected to be erected.

The Standard of Living

Although the general belief is that Dubai is all about luxury and lavish lifestyles, the truth is that people still cut their coats according to their sizes and that’s commendable considering the fact that it is a bit hard not to pay attention to all these glittering beauties. As one of the most expensive cities in the Middle East, one would have thought the cost of the living would be outlandish but a single person will need an estimated AED9,000 to live a very comfortable life on a monthly basis while a family of four will need an estimated AED16,000 per month to live an equally comfortable life. The quality in Dubai is also characterized by low taxes, high ratings in startups, business freedom and safety.

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Dubai’s Greatest Event of 2020

Al Wasl Plaza at Expo 2020 Dubai

With over 25 million expected to come from all around the world to attend the World Expo 2020 hosted by Dubai, the UAE generally is set to receive an estimated economic boost of $34.5 billion which will be used to further develop an already well-developed country. The site of the Expo which spans 4.38 square kilometers is located in the Dubai South district, very close to the Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai International Airport, Abu Dhabi International Airport, and Dubai and Abu Dhabi cruise terminals, which will make it easy for visitors to have access to this site without much stress. The site will also have its own metro station which is capable of transporting 36,000 passengers per hour.

The Al Wasl dome encircles the Al Wasl Plaza which sits at the heart of the Expo site and it will serve as the focal point for the event that spans over 6 months, from 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021.

Perhaps what’s more interesting is how Dubai will cope with the aftermath of the Expo which has already gathered enough global attention and hopefully, the Expo will leave an everlasting impact on the city.

Tourist Attractions to Look Forward to

Ain Dubai

Bluewaters Island

The Bluewaters Island which cost an estimated AED 6 Billion is one of the newest and most beautiful man-made island and tourist attractions off the Jumeirah Beach Residence coastline, near Dubai Marina. The Island which became fully operational in 2019, will smash the record of the largest Ferris wheel in the world known as Ain Dubai by Meraas, with a height of approximately 250m. On Ain Dubai, visitors will get to enjoy beautiful sights of the Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, the Palm Jumeirah and more, from a totally new angle.

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Dubai Creek Tower

Dubai Creek Tower

Although it has been predicted that the tower might not be opened until 2021, completion is very certain this year and might even be opened to general public but without serving its purpose until the estimated opening year. The projected cost stands at a whooping AED 3.67 billion and it is being developed by Emaar properties, spearheaded by the renowned Mohamed Alaabar. The tower which will become the tallest tower in the world, surpassing the Tokyo Skytree, will stand in Dubai’s developing Dubai Harbor Creek and it will offer a prime location in terms of retail opportunities and fantastic views which include the Downtown Dubai and Burj Khalifa.

Museum of the Future

Museum of the Future

A structure that’s likely to go as one of the most creative structures and architectural wonders in the region; Dubai’s Museum of the Future is astonishing both inside and out. The museum is set to host a display of UAE’s and perhaps the world’s most futuristic and advanced technological aspirations and achievements. The location is also great, being just seven minutes away from the Burj Khalifa.

What Should Visitors Do to Keep Up?

A new year will see the city host new people for different reasons and it is very important for people to know that in spite of the Western culture the city embraces, it still stays true to its culture and rules. Expats should never forget that Dubai is still an Islamic city and it follows a tolerant version of Sharia law so it is very ideal, to stay out of trouble by being respectful to the city’s culture and embracing the locals who are very hospitable and also respectful towards visitors.

The local authorities frown a lot at drink-driving and a huge punishment comes with it, ranging from hefty fines to prison sentence. Visitors are always advised to take a taxi when they feel intoxicated or better yet, sleep at the nearest hotel if they feel too intoxicated to move around.

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Nightlife in Dubai

As mentioned earlier, the city embraces the Western culture which means it is expected to possess most of the things that exist in the West. The night life in Dubai is always an adventurous one, for the night walkers though. The presence of nightclubs and exotic bars is also one of the most interesting things about the city’s nightlife. These nightclubs are mostly located in hotels and most of them won’t allow entry to those wearing flip-flops or men dressed in shorts. The legal drinking age in Dubai is 21 years and night clubs often strictly follow this rule because they’re also under a federal obligation to.

It’s definitely going to be a great year for the inhabitants of the city of Dubai and it’s a year they should really be excited about. Expo 2020 is the highlight of the events in the city for the year and an event that’s likely to have a lasting impact on not just the city’s economy, but the United Arab Emirates at large.