The mobile app industry has seen an enormous growth more recently than ever, considering the growing advent in the mobile industry. Currently, more apps have been birthed in the last few years than what we had in the beginning of the previous decade. Now, with the inception of a new decade, a bigger growth in the industry can be envisaged.

Basically, there are two dominant host in the mobile app industry, consisting of the Android (Google Play) and the iOS (Apple Store). The mobile industry, with its upward inclination over the years have raked in hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue, while an escalation in the current number is eminent considering the growing rate of smartphone adoption across the globe.

While the increasing adoption of mobile app is not solely based on the increasing number of smartphone devices, some mobile apps have been found extremely entertaining, hence, driving a massive adoption on various devices.

Having said that, we’ve decided to compile the 10 best entertainment mobile apps of 2021 – available on both Android and iOS devices.

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1. Netflix

The American video-on-demand streaming service provider has gained a global attention lately, and this is primarily because of the unlimited mind-blowing content made available on the platform which currently boasts of 151 million paid subscribers worldwide, and 158 million when free trials are included. The streaming service which closely compete with the likes of Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and the recently launched Disney Plus, offers three streaming plans including Basic Standard and Premium which is pegged at $8.99, $12.99, and $15.99 respectively. The new pricing is as a result of a recent increment which the company informed was established in an attempt to offer its subscribers a much better experience. In November 2019 alone, the streaming app was downloaded up to 8 million times with estimated revenue pegged at $36 million. Netflix app can be downloaded on Google Play and Apple Store.

2. YouTube

The Google-owned video streaming platform is by far one of the most prominent in its space. With over 2 billion monthly logged-in users, the mobile app boasts of a daily minimum of 1 billion hours streaming duration, making it the most streamed video platform. While the platform is basically free for subscribers, a monthly fee of $11.99 is been charged for premium subscribers. Although, YouTube has always been reluctant about releasing the actual number of its premium subscribers, the company reportedly registered 1.5 million Subscribers in 2016, and until now, there has not been a release suggesting an actual premium subscribers’ count. The streaming mobile app was downloaded at least 6 million times from both Google Play and Apple Store in the period of November 2019 alone. YouTube app can be downloaded on Google Play and Apple Store.

3. Spotify

Apparently, more people are beginning to adopt various streaming platforms more than ever, thanks to average data consumption by the respective apps including the Swedish originated Spotify music streaming app. This great music app which is usable on both mobile and desktop boasts an active-user base of not less than 248 million out of which 118 million are paying subscribers. With a monthly subscription that varies according to the country – AED 19.99 in the UAE and $9.99 in the USA, users get to enjoy unlimited music streaming around the clock. Interestingly, first-time subscribers are eligible to free three-months of usage which gives them access to all features but premium access. Spotify (main app and Lite app) was downloaded up to 13.7 million times in the period of November 2019 alone, both on Google Play and Apple Store.

4. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video popularly referred to as Prime Video is an American internet video on demand service. Operated by Amazon, the service streams exclusive and original contents, as well as popular TV shows which can be watched anywhere and anytime. The service currently boasts of 75 million active subscribers worldwide (out of which 40 million are in the U.S.), and a projected 100 million sometimes in the ongoing year. Thanks to favorite shows and movies from HBO, SHOWTIME, and STARZ. The service costs AED16 per month in the UAE, $8.99 per month in the USA, and £5.99 per month in the UK. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, the Prime Video service is included in your subscription. In the period of November 2019, Prime Video recorded 8 million downloads, and an estimated $80,000 in revenue. Amazon Prime Video app can be downloaded on Google Play and Apple Store.

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5. Apple Music

The Apple Music streaming service was announced on June 8, 2015, and was officially launched on the 30th of the same month. Ever since, it has competed with the likes of Spotify and YouTube Music in the same space. The Music service, however, used to be limited to Apple devices only, until recently that the company made an otherwise decision to enable downloads on Android devices. This sole decision by the company has influenced the download rate of the app lately, and just in the period of November 2019 alone, the app was downloaded not less than 1 million times on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Apple Music subscription cost also varies according to the country; it costs the same as Spotify at AED 19.99 in the UAE and $9.99 in the USA. The service currently has 56 million paid subscribers worldwide, although currently installed on not less than 900 million devices. Apple Music can be downloaded on Google Play and Apple Store.

6. Twitch

A subsidiary of Amazon, Twitch is a video streaming service that is operated by a team called Twitch Interactive, and was first introduced sometimes in June 2011, as a general-interest streaming platform. What this means is that users can upload their various medias including Movies, Music and Games, although the app is more prominent for game streaming. Twitch offers $4.99 as default monthly subscription, while subscribers can as well choose between $9.99 or $24.99 payment option that has other exclusive packages. The platform as of 2018 boasts of 15 million daily active users which sums up to the overall 2.2 million monthly broadcasters. Considering the popularity of gaming lately, there is no doubt that the user base would have grown even greatly as the app was downloaded more than 2 million times only in the period of November 2019 and recording an estimated $4 million in revenue. Twitch can be downloaded on Google Play and Apple Store.

7. PUBG Mobile

Mobile Gaming became extremely popular only recently, and many makers have latched on the trend by updating their user experience to allow for more adoption. The PUBG Mobile app is one of the most entertaining in the general category, as it currently ranks among the most downloaded mobile game with a monthly $0.99 subscription fee. The Game was downloaded more than 10 million time only in the period of November 2019, raking in approximately $14 million in revenue. PUBG Mobile which was co-produced by Krafton, Xbox Game Studio, PUBG Corporation, and Tecent games has no doubt reshaped the gaming industry, and as such worthy to be ranked among the most entertaining apps of the year. Interested gamers can download the PUBG Mobile app on either Google Play or Apple Store.

8. TED

The American media corporation is known for hosting and posting talks online for distributions using the popular slogan ‘ideas worth spreading’. The talks are mostly enlightening and educating, and while publications on social media platforms might not just be enough; the corporation also has a mobile app that gives opportunity to individuals to watch the numerous TED talk series on the go. All contents on the app are original, and it includes podcast and videos of their many guest speakers. The mobile app is no doubt an entertaining one, considering that you do come across all kinds of topics, regardless of preference. The TED mobile app which can be downloaded on both Google Play, and Apple Store recorded approximately 200k downloads in the period of November 2019 alone.

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9. Google Play Books

Formerly known as Google eBook, Google Play book is another very entertaining app that encourages the reading culture by the distribution of digital books which can also be listened to, on a platform operated by the search engine giant. The Google Play Book was initially released as eBook on the 6th of December, and distributes books from eBook subscription services including Scribd, Kindle Unlimited, Book mate, 24Symbols, Playster, Kobo Plus among several others. The app which requires a monthly pass of $4.99 can be downloaded on various platforms including Google Play and Apple Store. The app was downloaded more than 2 million times in the period of November 2019 alone.

10. TuneIn

TuneIn is an American audio streaming service specialized in airing live news, radio, sports, music, and podcasts to millions of monthly active users. TuneIn features the world’s largest library of live, on-demand and original audio and currently boasts an overall 75 million monthly active users as of the last update by the company during the period of 2019. With live sports, exclusive music channels, fast-breaking news, over 5 million podcasts and more than 100,000 radio stations worldwide, you can never get bored listening to TuneIn. You can listen to your local radio and discover new music on the TuneIn app, no matter your geographical location. You get all these amazing offerings and features for free, but premium subscribers get to enjoy commercial-free news, music, etc. TuneIn is currently available in 22 languages, and can be downloaded on either Google Play or Apple Store.