So, it looks like winter is already packing its bags and baggage, and we’re fast approaching that season when the boats come out to play and complement the abundance of sun and great weather for outdoor activities like angling, or just chilling and bonding with family and friends on water.

Pontoon boats have become very popular in the last couple of years and that has caused an increase in demand. Pontoon boats are flattish highly functional watercraft that rely on floats to remain buoyant, and they come fitted with all sorts of accommodations like expansive lounge areas, stand-up bars, and sun pads. Nowadays, pontoon boats are made to give that experience one would normally get in yachts, and although these boats can’t wholly play the roles of yachts, they sometimes offer that enjoyable feeling only a yacht can provide.

Pontoon boats have undergone really thorough innovative supervision, and as a result of that, we now have designs that are more luxury-based compared to the practical function-based models. There are many boat manufacturers who have taken the production of these boats really seriously and that is largely owed to the high demands.

Hence, we’ve put together the top 10 best pontoon boats money can buy in 2020.

10. Avalon 2585 Catalina Elite

The Avalon 2585 is a luxury boat that has retro-inspired exterior panels that are uninterrupted by traditional pontoon fencing, giving the boat a sleek exterior and a clean appearance. The boat is powered by a 225hp Mercury V6 Motor and its interior features Buckskin BTT flooring, Bloted Deck, Garmin 54 DV GPS, in tube ski locker, mood lightning, lighted cup holder and many more. The 2020 model of the Avalon 2585 Catalina has a dry weight of 3100lb which is further complimented by a fuel capacity of 58gal. The Avalon 2585 Catalina Elite will set you back $69,200 USD.

9. Starcraft SLS 5 DC

The Starcraft SLS 5 DC boast a third tube maximum horsepower of 300hp which gives the boat a spirited performance with amazing mileage numbers. The engine can sometimes prop to 5800rpm through 1.78 gearing to reach a top speed of 46.3mph which is a feat that can only be achieved by a few pontoon boats. The 14-seater luxury pontoon boat has a dry weight of 3250lbs and a maximum capacity of 2590. It also features a fuel capacity of 38gal, 27-inch in interior depth, and also 25-inch in transom height. The 2020 Starcraft SLS 5 DC will cost you $63,956 USD.

8. Bennington QX 23 QXSBA

The Bennington QX 23 QXSBA is a versatile pontoon that comes with stendrive-powered runabouts and lets you have all that you need in a pontoon boat which is exactly what most boat lovers crave for. The boat is powered by a four-cylinder Yamaha F150 four-stroke outboard that consumes 6.4 gallons per hour, making just less than 3.7mpg. Constructed with fiberglass, the Bennington QX23 QXSBA has an overall length of 25’3ft, a beam of 8’6ft and a dry weight of 2702lbs. The boat is priced at $71,732 USD.

7. Avalon Ambassador

The Avalon brand has produced quite an amazing number of great and luxury pontoon boats and the Avalon Ambassador has joined the ranks of luxury pontoon boats from the manufacturer. The 16-passenger pontoon boat has an overall length of 29’3ft, beam length of 8’6ft and a dry weight of 5000lbs which isn’t so common among boats of its caliber. Interior features include a trash can built into lounge arm, moveable cup holders, USB and Auxiliary input, JL Audio Mediamaster MM100 Stereo and many more. The Avalon Ambassador will set you back $83,200 USD.

6. Hampton 2680 DC

Hampton is globally recognized as a luxury boat brand and it is the first to set speed record at the Lake Rescue Shootout on Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Hampton 2680 DC is powered by a big V-8 Yamaha outboard which pushes the boat to reach a top speed of 50mph, making it one of the fastest boats in the world. The boat has a fuel capacity of 44gal, beam length of 8’6ft, dry weight of 2800lbs and a maximum weight capacity of 2300lbs. Interior features include plush seating, and ample storage among others. The highlight of the luxury features on this boat is the stainless-steel Bimini top which is world-class. The boat comes with a price-tag of $88,900 USD.

5. Barletta L23QCSS

Barletta L23QCSS is a pontoon boat that is equipped with lots of performance features coupled with luxury interiors and a great body design. It is powered by the new Mercury 250 FourStroke, reaching a top speed of 45mph at 6000rpm. The boat features 18 Yeti-ready cup holders and a unique innovation in the retractable pet dish tray which can be found under the console. With an overall length of 24ft, the Barletta L23QCSS features a full deck woven marine flooring which is coupled with exterior features like the LED docking lights, stainless steel starboard stern ladder and many more. This powerful pontoon boat will set you back $97,650 USD.

4. Grand Tahoe

Grand Tahoe by Tanhoe Pontoon Boats is high class performance pontoon boat that features the legendary Triple 27” Dia Waveglider performance which makes the boat perform faster than its contemporaries from other brands. It also features GX solid welded aluminum painted walls, Touchscreen Dash with detailed information center, and Twin Engine capability. Seat bases are framed in aluminum tubing. At 3000rmp, the boat can reach a top speed of 17.70mph and 15.38 knots, coupled with a fuel economy of 2.61mpg. The Grand Tahoe price is set at $101,600 USD.

3. Harris Solstice DC 250

The new model of the Harris Solstice DC 250 looks like the ideal runabout that everybody would love to have a piece of. It features an amazing Mercury V-6 225 Fourstroke outboard which produces about 400 outboard horsepower and can reach a top speed of 37mph at 5500rpm. The boat also features a new Evo tower with forward Bimini top and also comes with an optional watersports tow point and tower speakers. The Harris Solstice DC 250 costs $128,148 USD.

2. Premier Escalante

The Premier Escalante features a Suzuki DF350 engine that cranks out a total power of 350 hp which is more power than one could find in many speedboats. The boat also features two decks coupled with a curved stairway and a slide for the perfect family hangout. Its luxurious upholstery is an additional feature to the already existing killer stereo, glass helm, and a unique step galley. A beam length of 10.17 is greatly complimented by an overall length of 32ft and a dry weight of 3900lbs, and it is priced at $135,000 USD.

1. Playcraft Infinity 2900

The Playcraft Infinity 2900 is one of the fastest pontoon boats in the world at the moment with a top speed of 50.4 mph, thanks to the Mercury Racing 400 hp outboard. The Jim Dorris-designed boat comes with powder-coated tube which is a feature only offered by great brands. The Playcraft Infinity 2900 boasts movable cup holders and a custom-cushioned cooler cocktail table. The boat features 8’6ft beam length, 73gal fuel capacity, and a dry weight of 2950lbs (without motor), and will set you back $139,000 USD.