Some decades ago, only a few would have believed the feasibility of all-electric vehicles as the future of automobiles and even though they are not dominating the industry yet, we can see promising signs. Since electric vehicles found their way to the mainstream autos market, they’ve done considerably well. Just like the conventional gas-powered vehicles, there are things people look out for before going all out to make an electric vehicle theirs. Some would argue that being simply electric is enough reason to be; that’s right. What’s also right is that an electric vehicle is still a vehicle regardless and being electric won’t stop people from craving what they want in their dream car in the electric form. Electric vehicle manufacturers also know this and that’s why they’ve implemented performance features into these vehicles and that’s why some of them can sprint as fast as they do now.

Just like with every other industry, the consumers always decide what they want and what should be produced, especially in a sophisticated and customer-dependent industry like automobiles. Speed is often labeled as an important criterion when getting a car, especially for the performance geeks and more of that has been implemented in electric cars also.

Electric cars might be the future of automobiles, undoubtedly, but the sooner we begin to realize how much we can enjoy them now, the readier we are for the future that is yet to come. Electric vehicles are now smashing sales records in different countries across the globe and the likes of Tesla X and other Tesla super models have enjoyed stunning revenue in terms of sales in recent years. The demands keep soaring and people are now paying attention to electric cars which are regarded as the fastest in the world.

To help you keep up with what’s going on in the EV industry, we’ve rounded up the top 10 fastest electric cars in the world in 2021.

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10. Aston Martin Rapide E (155 MPH)

Aston Martin’s first all-electric car, Rapide E, made its debut at the 2019 Formula E Monaco E-Prix. The super EV is powered by two electric motors on the rear axle producing 610 hp, and can propel itself from 0-62 mph in less than 4 seconds and a modest 155 mph top speed. The Aston Martin Rapide E is powered by an 800V electrical architecture battery, encased in a Carbon Fibre and Kevlar casing, with a 65kWh installed capacity using over 5600 lithium-ion 18650 format cylindrical cells, and it is capable of traveling over 200 miles (322 km) on a single charge.

9. Porsche Taycan Turbo S (162 MPH)

The Porsche Taycan is a fully-electric luxury sedan that delivers 750 horsepower in the top-of-the-line Turbo S trim with a top speed of 162 mph. This super-quick luxury EV rips to 60 mph in a ridiculous 2.4 seconds, and as the first production EV with an 800-volt architecture that allows a charging capacity of up to 270 kilowatts and a multispeed transaxle, it sets new benchmarks in charging speeds and acceleration times. The Taycan Turbo S features a driving range of 192 miles, and the models with the 83.7-kWh battery can go from a 5 percent charge to 80 percent in about 23 minutes. 

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8. Lotus Evija (200 MPH)

British automaker, Lotus, has been doing great in a highly competitive industry like the automobile industry and you can only stand the test of time as well as competition if you have some of the best productions in the industry. The Lotus Evija has been able to secure a spot on the list of the world’s fastest electric cars with a top speed of 200mph. It runs on different electric motors that produce 1,972 horsepower and allow it to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in less than three seconds. This fully-electric hypercar weighs just 1,680kg, and boasts a drive range of 250 miles (402 km) with a 70kWh lithium pack battery capacity, and it can be charged to 80 percent from zero in just 12 minutes on 350kW chargers, with a full charge taking only 18 minutes. And with the 800kW charging, Lotus says a full charge takes just 9 minutes. If you’re eyeing this supercar, it might be too late because it has already sold out in its first year of production. What an amazing feat!

7. Genovation GXE (209 MPH)

If you don’t take a closer look, you might mistake the performance beast Genovation GXE for an old Chevrolet Corvette. They almost share the same look but the better option, performance-wise, has been able to nail down a spot on the list of the world’s fastest electric cars with a top speed of 209mph. Under the hood, you have electric motors that help produce 800hp and 718lb-ft of torque. When the GXE was first introduced, it became the fastest street-legal all-electric vehicle with a top speed of 211mph, with only 209mph available for safety reasons.

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6. NIO EP9 (217 MPH)

With a top speed of 217 mph and an acceleration performance of 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds, the NIO EP9 is one of the fastest electric vehicles in the world. This electric vehicle is a 2-seater limited production which is designed and developed by a Chinese automobile manufacturer and it took almost 18 months to put this hypercar together. The drive range is set at 265 miles (426 km) and a maximum torque of 1480 Nm with 1341 horsepower.

5. Pininfarina Battista (217 MPH)

The Pininfarina Battista arrives in 2021 as the most powerful road-legal car ever designed and built in Italy, which boasts a top speed of 217 mph with an acceleration performance of 0-62 mph less than 2 seconds, making it one of the fastest electric vehicles in the world. The electric hypercar was named after the founder, Battista Pinin Farina who founded the company in 1930. The 4 liquid-cooled PMMC electric car has a maximum power of 1,900 hp and 2,300 Nm torque with a 120-kWh lithium pack battery capable of 280 miles (450 km) on a single charge.

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4. Aspark Owl (249 MPH)

Taking one of the spots for the fastest electric car in the world is none other than the Japan-made Aspark Owl with a top speed of 249mph and 0-60 acceleration time of 1.6 seconds. The all-electric supercar was first introduced as a concept in 2017 before a prototype was later unveiled at the Dubai International Motor Show in 2019. The supercar features a carbon fiber monocoque chassis which allows it to weigh about 256lbs. The car is able to break all the stunning speed barriers, thanks to the four electric motors and a 64kWh battery which was developed by UK-based Daneecca Ltd.

3. Tesla Roadster (250 MPH)

Tesla is a very popular all-electric manufacturer and the brand is pushing for a future of an electric-dominated industry. Tesla might have been pushing forward the release date of the Roadster but we hope they stick to the newest release date which is 2022. Everything about the Tesla Roadster is just stunning. A top speed of 250mph is complemented by a quarter-mile time of 8.9 seconds and 0-62mph time of 1.9 seconds. All these powerful feats have been made possible by the supercar’s three electric motors which have been compared to the size of a watermelon, and a 200kWh battery that powers the car to a range of 620 miles.

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2. Rimac Nevera (258 MPH)

The Nevera is the production version of the C_Two concept by famous Croatian car manufacturer, Rimac Automobili, and this electric supercar is indeed a revelation. What’s most amazing about the Rimac Nevera supercar is its four in-wheel motors that work together to crank out a whopping 1,914 horsepower and 2,360Nm of torque. That’s not all, the car has also managed to be one of the quickest and fastest production all-electric cars, with a top speed of 258 mph and the capability to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 1.85 seconds. The 120kWh battery capacity which is way more powerful than that of the Aspark Owl, gives the supercar 400 miles of driving range and its rapid charger can get the battery up to 80% in just 30 minutes.

1. Buckeye Bullet 3 (341.4 MPH)

Also known as VBB-3, this experimental car is a result of a collaboration between 3 Ohio State University’s students and Venturi, a Monaco-based electric vehicle manufacturer. Buckeye Bullet 3 is the final version of the Buckeye vehicles after the design of BB 1, 2, and 2.5. If you are looking for a luxury electric car, you are likely not to find that in this vehicle because the focus was to build the fastest electric car in the world which was achieved when it passed FIA test with a top speed of 341.4 mph. The custom made 3-phase AC power motor has a maximum horsepower of 3000 and a battery capacity of 2MW battery set by A123 systems. Bad news is the VBB3 won’t be made available as it is just a prototype which is likely not to be produced.

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