The meteoric rise of electric scooters over the past decade hasn’t been surprising. Many people saw this coming and they’ve grown to become great means of transportation when covering short distances; proving people right in the process. It was always thought that they would make it big in the mainstream market; think of their portability, friendliness, convenience, and lightweight. There’s almost no better feeling than being on one of these electric scooters with a blistering speed that evokes all the adrenaline you have in you. Perhaps the reason they’ve gained widespread recognition is not that they’re just means of moving from point A to point B; it’s usually the fun that they bring along.

They probably wouldn’t have made it to the mainstream market if the fun hadn’t come with them. They mean more than just being made for transportation purposes, although that’s their primary responsibility. Electric scooters are a great way to escape the annoying traffic when commuting short distances and on top of that, you’re going to thoroughly enjoy every mile you cover.

Speed is one of the things people look out for when buying things that can transport them from one place to another. Cars, boats, trucks, bikes; people consider to be essential in all these things and electric scooters are beginning to come with amazing top speeds. Electric scooters with great top speeds are great, although these top speeds might not be maximized based on the speed regulations of different countries. However, despite these limits, some people are still willing to invest in these fast scooters for reasons best known to them and at a time where electric scooters are being produced in large numbers, it’s always hard to find which one will meet your speed requirement.

To make sure you don’t have a hard time researching the fastest electric scooters, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 fastest electric scooters in the world in 2021.

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10. Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 (50 MPH)

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior’s 11 1.9 seconds 0-15 mph acceleration time makes it one of the quickest electric scooters around and that’s on top of a top speed of a 50 mph. It is one of the best electric scooters you should consider for off-road purposes with its motorcycle-class inverted hydraulic shock absorber which will get you through difficult terrains in one piece.

9. Nanrobot LS7 (50 MPH)

Many electric scooters are produced with on-road and off-road adventures but only a few ones can actually live up to the hype; Nanrobot LS7 belongs to the latter. It features hydraulic adjustable dual disc brakes that are just perfect for its top speed of 50mh, thanks to its 3600-watt motor. It also comes with a rechargeable 35Ah battery that leaves you with enough time to enjoy all the wonderful features this scooter is packed with. To make sure you’re protected while riding this scooter, the manufacturers have packed this scooter with safety features including two forward LEd lights attached to the front of the deck.

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8. VSETT 11+ (53 MPH)

Whether you’re looking for an electric scooter that can handle extreme terrains or you’re just looking for something that can make your short journeys as memorable and fun as possible, you should consider the VSETT 11+. It runs on dual 1500 motors, packed with a sport mode that allows the scooter to reach a top speed of 53 mph. However, the top speed of 53 is only effective for 2 minutes which is the time for the fastest sport mode after which you’ll be dropped back to its usual 47 mph.

7. Dualtron Thunder (56 MPH)

The new Dualtron Thunder is a performance beast with tackle inclines of up to 35 degrees – that’s more than some of the most powerful scooters on the list. Just in this scooter, you can be confident of getting maximum speed and power. A top speed of 56mph ranks it amongst the fastest electric scooters in the world. With features like its steel shaft, 11-inch tubeless tires and front and rear lights, you can take this scooter with you on that off-road adventure.

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6. Qiewa Q-Power (56 MPH)

Qiewa Q-Power is not only one of the 2021’s best electric scooters but is also one of the fastest with a top speed of 56mph. Q-Power is one of the few electric scooters that come with an assistive feature like cruise control. To keep performance on the high side, the scooter is packed with a 3200-watt motor supported by two hydraulic brakes. Other features include power saving mode, double charging interface, and a 45-degree shock absorber.

5. Outstorm Duel (56 MPH)

Another fast and powerful electric scooter is the Outstorm Duel with a top speed of 56mph and a range of 83 miles. You’ll definitely need your safety tools (your helmet and every other thing) when you’re riding on this one. With this scooter, you have two engine options; a 3200-watt motor and a 5000-watt motor, both of which still ensure the top speed of 56mph is achieved. Also featured are three-speed modes, 2 power modes, regenerative braking and ultra-bright LED headlights with coloured sidelights.

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4. Zero 11X (60 MPH)

Despite being small in size, you’ll be wrong to overlook Zero 11X’s performance, thanks to its 1600-watt dual-motor. Although it shares the same design with the Wolf Warrior and VSETT 11+, it has proved to be a more powerful option than both with a top speed of 60mph. Despite its lightweight, the Zero 11X can take up to 330lbs of rider’s weight, giving heavier riders an opportunity to get on their favourite electric scooter. To ensure that you get the best of this performance beast, the scooter comes with a 72V battery by LG with an eco-mode that allows you to enjoy the scooter’s amazing range of whopping 90 miles.

3. Dualtron Storm (62 MPH)

The Dualtron Storm is also part of the Dualtron electric scooter collections which are known for their high-powered performance capped off with speed. Speed and power are two of Dualtron Storm’s biggest strengths with its dual-motors of a combined output of 6640 watts helping it achieve a towering top speed of 62mph. You will find the power very useful if you’ll be using the scooter in a hilly environment, although you should wear the scooter out by always surfing the hills. The scooter features rear heat sinks which are accompanied by a waterproof controller to maximize the scooter’s performance. With the Dualtron Storm, you can race between 68 and 80 miles which is a feat only a few electric scooters can manage to achieve.

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2. Dualtron X2 (68 MPH)

The Dualtron X2 is a foldable electric scooter that combines power with performance; all capped off with speed! It is the newest entry by Dualtron. A top speed of 68 mph has been made possible with an 8300-watt motor that runs in the scooter. With the scaling of up to 70%, you can count on this electric scooter even exploring the hills; something that will make your adventure even more adventurous. Despite weighing an outrageous 145.5lbs, the scooter is able to maintain its high performance as a result of its powerful engine. Other features include a dual-front LED light, illuminated LED stem, and side deck lights which are there for safety purposes.

1. Rion RE90 (80 MPH)

With a top speed of 80 mph, the Rion RE90 is the fastest electric scooter you can get your hands on right now. It is purely designed for racing and every feature on this scooter contributes to its high top speed. It is also packed with 30Ah higher capacity batteries that get the scooter running for long. Additionally, you can get the batteries to charge up to 100% in 4 hours and 30 minutes with Rion’s exclusive Smart Charge feature. Its carbon fibre body and deck are also responsible for the scooter’s swift movement. The range 96kms which will decrease as the scooter is pushed to its top speed.

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