The developments going down in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai inclusive, have earned the country the recognition it truly deserves. Dubai has now become a global tourist center, with thousands of people trooping in each year when it’s time to take a break from the year-long work schedule. The UAE’s most populous city has been at the forefront of the immense tech-inspired developments in the whole of the Gulf region. It houses both the world’s tallest building and the world’s largest shopping mall by landmass. All these have attracted people from different parts of the world not to only pay occasional visits to the city but to also make it their home. The growing number of expatriates, as well as rich international investors, is enough proof of how far the city of Dubai has come both in technological and infrastructural developments.

Being surrounded by deserts, the climate here might be unbearable sometimes, especially during summer. Expats whose home countries don’t have the same climate conditions as the UAE might find it challenging to adapt. The government has invested heavily in making sure the country is conducive for everyone to live in, with green living being also promoted in the Emirate.

Green neighborhoods have since been invented to complement the climate conditions in Dubai and most of these projects have been successful. There are now communities with green parks and spaces where residents of Dubai can now enjoy nature first-hand. Greenery is important in urban environments for so many reasons. Firstly, it helps facilitate water management. Secondly, it improves the property value of homes considerably because people have shown a strong taste for greenery after becoming aware of its benefits to the environment at large.

Today, there’s no shortage of green neighborhoods in Dubai and if you’re looking to explore, here are the top 10 green areas to live in Dubai in 2021.

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1. Al Barari

Al Barari is an 18.42 million-square-foot community with green space making 60% of the community’s total area. It is regarded as one of the most eco-friendly communities in the whole of UAE with exclusive villas and apartments right at the heart of it. There are beautiful lakes, gardens and natural cascades featured in Al Barari to get you closer to what it feels like to experience nature. The Al Barari project is divided into two phases; the first phase featuring about 189 villas and an additional 27 luxury apartments, a health club, restaurant, and a spa. The proposed second phase will feature several medical facilities, a school, and a resort hotel to make Al Barari a fully sustainable green environment.

2. Emirates Living

Emirates Living is another place in Dubai where you can get the true luxury and green lifestyle. The gated community is on a 52.2 million sq. ft. landmass and has over 8000 luxury apartments, making it one of the hottest spots in Dubai. Owned by Emaar Properties, the neighborhood has been one of the best places to live in Dubai since its completion in 2006. Trees are placed in strategic places throughout the community and that’s to ensure that its residents are not too far away from nature.

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3. Dubai Hills Estate

Dubai Hills Estate is another Emaar Properties’ investment and the 2700-acre community will give you enjoyable views of the Dubai skyline and Burj Khalifa. There’s no shortage of landscaped greens in this neighborhood so if you’re a big fan of that lifestyle, Dubai Hills Estate is where you should be. The community features an 18-hole Championships Golf Course, 3 schools, Dubai Hills Park and other parks and open spaces.

4. DAMAC Hills

Damac Hills is a neighborhood and one of the popular residential places in Dubai. Being at Damac Hills takes you closer to nature than you’ll ever imagine. The community is packed with lush trees and serene streams, giving you the real feel of nature in a busy city like Dubai; you might as well call it ‘Heaven on Earth’. The community also features a 4 million square feet parkland, with luxury villas that are there to complement the nature-like elements the area is filled with. Just imagine talking a stroll during the winter nights while you enjoy beautiful views, some of which are only common in the western world.

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5. Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches was launched in 2004 and has grown to be one of the best green areas to live in Dubai. This gated community is close to Global Village, Dubai and features Dubai Equestrian and Polo Club. Those who appreciate the kind of peace nature brings always head to Arabian Ranches to enjoy some of it. There’s always a sense of safety and security whenever you’re in this community. Sometimes, it’s just best to be as far away from the buzz of the city as possible; Arabian Ranches offers you a perfect break from that. The self-sustainable neighborhood is equipped with medical facilities, restaurants, cafes and bars, schools, and many more.

6. Emirates Hills

Emirates Hills is a whole lot similar to its American counterpart, Beverly Hills, sharing some common features like lush greenery that is used to theme the environment. Emirates Hills is home to many wealthy Dubai residents due to the green and luxurious lifestyle in the neighborhoods. The serene community features a golf course which also promotes the green lifestyle in the community and complements the presence of three large parks and artificial lakes.

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7. The Greens

As the name implies, The Greens is a sustainable neighborhood that was built as part of Dubai’s promotion for a greener lifestyle in the emirate. The buildings featured in this neighborhood give you exclusive access to panoramic views of the Dubai Marina and the sea beyond. These things make the whole setting look more natural, and the perk? Apartments in this community are some of the most affordable apartments in Dubai when you compare with the rents of apartments in communities with almost the same features.

8. The Villa

The Villa is owned and managed by Dubai Properties, a popular company that is popular in Dubai for developing some of the biggest residential projects in Dubai. The Villa features over 1,200 beautiful villas in 13 architectural plans. You can also find different shops, sports facilities and a mosque in the neighborhood, making it an all-round family environment. Greenery is also the theme here as residents can enjoy the green life and some of the wonderful works of nature.

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9. Discovery Gardens

Discovery Gardens features with six different themed residential districts, each of them having its own unique features. Its proximity with the Jebel Ali Port means that the popular man-made island, Palm Jumeirah is not far away and views of the island can be enjoyed right from Discovery Gardens. It also has affordable apartments and that’s why people who can’t afford some of the most luxurious areas in Dubai can easily settle in this neighborhood and still enjoy the scenery of the beautiful landscape this community has to offer. It is also close to the Expo 2020 site so there are enough mouth-watering buildings to keep your eyes engaged whenever you’re bored.

10. Motor City

Motor City is a quiet neighborhood in Dubai, far away from the city’s buzz. If you love being in the city because of the rush that comes with it, you might find the Motor City too quiet. However, if you love serene areas, then this is the perfect place for you to live. Motor City also offers lush trees, although not as much as the other places we’ve discussed in this article. It is an economical option for those who might not be able to afford apartments in some of the places we’ve discussed earlier.

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