Sports cars are quicker, more portable and high-tech than everyday cars. This car category offers all the performance and style one could ever wish for in any car; they are designed to emphasize handling, performance or the thrill of driving. This is why a lot of people are head-over-heels over these finger-licking cars. The fact that they combine performance with other high-end features make them a great choice for everybody and that’s why they’re one of the most popular car types.

Although it’s sometimes tricky differentiating regular cars from sports cars, because they sometimes share some features; sports cars are usually lighter and sometimes smaller in size with a high-powered engine cranking out high horsepower and torque. Sports cars combine several features from all car types. Despite the hefty price tags slashed on them, people still go out of their ways to own these vehicles.

One of the main issues a lot of people have with sports cars is their usually-hefty price tags which can sometimes put the not-so-rich enthusiasts off. The Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita for example costs an insane $4.8 million, while the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster is just $300,000 cheaper, so when people find sports cars with cool features but lower prices, they take the opportunity at first glance. Who says the best cars always have to be the most expensive ones? This is why we have put together a list of the top 10 best affordable sports cars that are also stylish so if you’re looking to make a purchase anytime soon, this will help you make the best purchase decision.

Below is a list of our top 10 best affordable stylish sports cars in 2021.

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10. 2021 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

The 2021 C8 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is a mid-engine sports car that puts you in charge whenever you’re about to hit the road. The vehicle runs on a 6.2L V8 DI engine that cranks out industry-best 495 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. We love the car’s amazing top track speed of 194 mph but what’s most amazing is how it’s able to accelerate from 0-60mph in a super quick 2.9 seconds. Some of the features that come with it are Driver Mode Selector Visualization, Wireless Apple CarPlay, FE2 Suspension, and Wireless Android Auto Compatibility among many others. A base price of $59,900 USD makes the 2021 Corvette Stingray the cheapest supercar you can get your hands on in the market today.

9. 2021 BMW M2 Competition Coupe

The 2021 BMW M2 Competition Coupe is regarded as one of the most affordable sports cars you can get your hands on with a base price of $58,900 USD. This is considered a fair price for a car that runs on a 3.0L M TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder engine that cranks out 405 horsepower. With this engine, performance is guaranteed and the car can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds. When you’re in the car, you can find the Black Dakota Leather seats which will keep you comfortable for whatever journey lies ahead.

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8. 2021 Toyota GR Supra

There’s always something unique about Toyota cars. The way they set them up for different purposes sets the brand apart from the other autos manufacturers. The 2021 Toyota GR Supra comes with a blue-coloured body that is attractive enough to catch so many eyes, although that’s just one colour from the many colour options available. The base trim runs on a 2.0L twin-scroll single-turbo inline 4-cylinder engine that churns out a whopping 255 hp. The 18-inch alloy wheels that are packed in the Michelin Pilot Super Sport summer tires enhance the amazing performance this sports car is widely known for. To ensure safety is guaranteed whenever you’re taking a trip with this vehicle, the sports car has been packed with safety features like Lane Departure Warning with Steering Assist, Speed Limit Information, Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, and many more. Starting MSRP for the base trim starts at $43,090 USD.

7. 2020 Nissan 370Z

Nissan has confirmed that the 2020 Nissa n 370Z will be extended into the 2021 model year and while we’re disappointed that we won’t get to witness a new edition this year, we can’t close our eyes to how rated the 2020 model is. The car is available with a 3.7L gas engine with an output of up to 332 hp and a top speed of 155 mph. The MSRP is $30,090 USD.

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6. 2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI

The 2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI is a mix of performance, technology and safety. Running on a 2.0L turbo engine with 7-speed DSG automatic transmission, you can feel every rush as you take the wheel. With a base price of $28,695 USD, it’s easy to tell this is one of the most affordable sports cars in the industry. It comes with safety features like Blind Spot Monitor, Park Distance Control with Maneuver Braking, Intelligent Crash Response System, Automatic Post-Collision Braking System and many more.

5. 2021 Dodge Challenger

If you’re a fan of American muscle cars, you can get your hands on the base trim of the highly-rated Dodge Challenger. The SRT trim is powered by a supercharged 6.2L HEMI V8 that cranks out a high 807 hp, one of the highest horsepower productions ever to be produced by a sports car. It also produces an industry-high 707lb-ft of torque which helps the Challenger reach its peak performance. Safety features include Parkview Rear Back up Camera, Automatic High-Beam Headlamps, and Blind Spot Monitoring. The base trim has a starting price of $28,545 USD while the SRT trim has an MSRP that begins at $66,945 USD.

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4. 2021 Subaru WRX

Subaru might not be as popular as some of the big names on the list but the 2021 WRX is always picked ahead of its counterparts from big industry names like Hyundai and Honda. The sports car runs on a 2.0-litre direct-injection turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that produces 258lb-ft of torque @2,000-5,200 rpm and 268hp @5,600 rpm. Some of the safety features that come with it include Brake Assist, 4-wheel Anti-lock Braking System, Traction Control System, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and Daytime Running Lights among many others. Starting price for base trim of Subaru WRX is $27,495 USD.

3. 2021 Ford Mustang

For fast cars, Ford should be one of the first few names that should cross your mind. The brand has built its legacy solely on performance and the 2021 Ford Mustang is here to protect that. A starting MSRP of $27,155 USD for the base trim means that this is one of the most affordable sports cars in the autos market right now. Under the hood of the Ford Mustang is the 2.3L EcoBoost engine that produces 350 lb-ft of torque and 310 horsepower with turbocharging and direct injection.

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2. 2021 Mazda MX-5 Miata

Mazda MX-5 Miata is one of the best-selling roadsters of all time and that’s why despite all the amazing features that always come with it, it always manages to carry an affordable price tag. This year’s edition has a starting price of $26,830 USD and that’s a fair price, considering that it runs on an engine that produces 151 lb-ft of torque and 181 horsepower. It is packed with tech features like Seamless Connectivity, i-ActiveSense, and many more.

1. 2021 Chevrolet Camaro

American brand, Chevrolet, has been one of the most popular autos manufacturers in the industry and year after year, they roll out what we consider some of the best productions of the year. The 2021 Chevrolet Camaro is no different from the other amazing models Chevrolet has produced down the years. The base trim runs on a 2.0L turbo engine that churns out 275hp and 295lb-ft of torque with 0-60mph acceleration being made possible in only 5.4 seconds. Other engine options are the 3.6L V8, 6.2L LT1 V8, and the 6.2L LT4 Supercharged V8. The Chevrolet Camaro base trim has a starting price of $25,000 USD, making it the best affordable sports car on the market in 2021.

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