Growth is important and one of the characteristics of growth is change. Change in its own right is not just important but, inevitable. The inevitability of change and the impact it can make is evident everywhere but countries in the Middle East put a cap to it. It is almost unbelievable now, the region used to be grossly undeveloped, carrying the remnant of history and relatively unattractive to the rest of the world. Discovery of oil and the oil boom has however changed the narrative as several projects worth billions of dollars geared towards making the region an interesting spot for all to behold.

The shifting of ancient castles and historic mansions into modern skyscraper as well as amazing architectural masterpieces we now see today have made the region a spot to reckon with.

From the towering skyscrapers in Riyadh to the glittering buildings dotting Dubai, the breathtaking structures of Doha and more, Arab countries and the Middle East in general have earned their respects for their amazing skylines which have been competing with those of several industrialized and highly-developed cities in the world including New York in the US, Seattle, Los Angeles, Cologne in Germany, Frankfurt, Paris in France and more.

With that being said, below are the top 5 Middle East cities with the best skylines in 2021.

5. Manama, Bahrain

Opening up our list on the number five spot is the skyline of Manama in Bahrain which has achieved an enviable status within the countries in its region. An overview of the skyline of this beautiful city will present you with astounding views of Sheikh Isa Causeway, the Bahrain Bay, the iconic Four Seasons Hotel, and the Bahrain’s World Trade Centre among more enrapturing structures. The host of high-rise homes, luxury hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, golf course have provided the skyline of the city with an amazing view, making it one of the best in the Gulf region and the Middle-East as whole.

4. Kuwait City, Kuwait

Kuwait City in Kuwait comes in at number four, thanks to its iconic structures towering to the sky such as the Kuwait Towers, Grand Mosque, Al-Hamra Tower, Liberation Tower, and much more, giving the skyline a memorable aura. A lot of people have praised Kuwait for its skylines but, it is even more awesome at night with all the lights and starlight.

3. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The capital of the country plagued with desert land more than anything else also has a marvelous skyline to boast of. The most distinctive landmark is the 302 meters high Kingdom Centre, followed closely by the 267 meters-high Al Faisaliah Centre. There is also the Burj Mamlaka among other notable structures that have made gazing to the city’s sky is blessing to one’s sight.

2. Doha, Qatar

Coming in at the number two spot is the beautiful city of Doha in Qatar. The city almost tied with the number one on our list due to the increasing attention its skyline is gaining. The city is the largest in Qatar and its architectural wonders have been giving it tract outside the country as it is now one of the most important cities in the whole of the Middle East. The city’s skyline can best be viewed from the waterfront at Doha Corniche and among all the skyscrapers that make up the Doha skyline, the Aspire Tower is the highest with the towering height of 984 feet.

1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai unarguably has the best skylines in the whole of the Middle East. This is attested to by a number of facts such as it always landing a spot as one of the cities with the best skylines in the world, most times being the only representative of the Middle East. The beautiful Arab city has cemented its reputation for the most glamorous things in the world by laying claim to most of the taller-than-820ft buildings in the world. In fact, it has come to be known as the city of skyscrapers. This is not all, the pride and crowning glory of Dubai remains the 163 floors, 2,722 ft high skyscraper, Burj Khalifa. This mammoth building is the highest man-made structure in the world yet and Dubai still proposes to do more. The amazing skyline of the city can best be viewed from the observation deck of Burj Khalifa, the Jumeirah Beach, or the Dubai Frame.