Every country has its own established policies and procedures for immigrants and immigration in its whole essence; and while it is not often an easy one in many countries, there are a few countries that are considered the easiest to immigrate to. It has always been a norm in the general human community for people to leave their countries to other countries for so many reasons. This explains the huge number of people living in each country without being originally from there. For some, it is in search of opportunities that are lacking in their respective home countries, while for others, it is just a way of exploring different countries with different cultures and historic values.

Talking about procedures, foreign countries usually take immigrants through a series of tests and processes which in the long run, determines whether or not a foreign person will be granted a stay or otherwise. Some of these processes include taking classes, learning the native language, taking a test, and paying some fees; if all terms are met, then an immigrant stands a higher chance of staying thereafter.

The process is just daunting and some of these big countries like the United Kingdom make immigration even more difficult to achieve. However, despite the supposed general long process, there are some countries with great amenities, standards of living and yet still have an easy immigration process. While some countries make it an extremely difficult situation for immigrants considering their tough policies, a few others have fewer policies, hence making it a lot easier for immigrants to come to live permanently in the country.

We’ve rounded up some of these countries and below are the top 10 easiest countries to immigrate to in 2021.

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10. Montenegro

With its possession of gorgeous medieval cities, serene and viable networking, great natural contrast, among other appealing factors; Montenegro is an easy paradise to invade by immigrants. The country which became independent in 2006 has ever since grown a remarkable wealth on the back of tourism and renewable energy. It ranks among the most welcoming countries in the world and appreciates immigrants from all foreign countries. Immigrants can apply for a year residency based on primary excuses such as education, medical treatment, or family reunion. However, residence through employment is considerably easier.

9. Mexico

If you take high crime rates out of the picture, Mexico remains one of the best countries to live in, especially when you focus on the financial side. If you’re from the U.S., Western Europe, or some parts of Latin America, you can spend up to 180 days in the country without a visa or just get one for MX$332. Working in Mexico will set you back by $155 for a work permit after you must have applied for a residence visa before getting into the country. Without a work permit, there’s almost nothing you can do legally in the country as long as work is concerned.

8. Paraguay

Located in South America, Paraguay is another country with an easy pass for immigrants. Just like Ecuador, this country also has a favorable term for pensioners and retirees who are allowed to apply for visas tendering a proof of income, alongside other necessary requirements by law. While the country attracts immigrants primarily for its stable economy, low cost of living, and low taxes, it is also worthy to note that, just like many other countries, Paraguay also shares a downside trait of corruption among other things. To apply for a visa, immigrants only need to make a local bank deposit of at least US $5,000. Investors’ visa on the other hand is around twice the amount for regulars. Also, once granted a visa, immigrants will be required to visit the country once every three years, else, residence papers could be terminated. On the flip side, expats can apply for citizenship within a three-year stay, and as such need to demonstrate significant local ties. Other alternatives include marriage, ownership of landed property, continued fiscal residence, or local jobs.

7. Germany

It is not such an easy feat to boast of the European Union’s lowest levels of unemployment but that’s exactly what makes Germany such a great country. Apart from the great economic side, Germany is also home to some of the world’s most beautiful cities like Munich, Hamburg, and Berlin among many others. If you’re looking to get into the country as an immigrant, it should be for one of the following reasons; employment offers, business investment, and study among many others. On top of all that, you must be able to prove that you’re financially stable.

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6. United States of America

Over the years, the US has remained one of the few countries with an easy pass for immigrants. As such, citizens of other countries optimize the opportunity to change their residency by relocating to any of the states within the US border. The country, however, has a strict consideration policy for citizens of exceptional countries, especially those with poor track records among other reasons. Overall, the US embassy is more welcoming, compared to a lot of countries with stricter policies. Interested immigrants can successfully relocate through a few opportunities including through sponsorship, such as having a close relation to a citizen or resident with a green card; another is scholarships; green card lottery; marriage; birth certification; formal application among several others.

5. New Zealand

New Zealand’s forward-thinking government has made the country one of the best countries to live in. The country features two islands; South and North Island, and both are homes to beautiful cities with equally stunning scenery. If you’re an entrepreneur, New Zealand should be one of the top countries you should be looking to move to as it is one of the easiest places to do business. If you’re immigrating with your family, you’ll find the country’s healthcare system very valuable as it offers close to free medical care. Skilled workers will also find this country amazing but it is noteworthy that for your degrees to be recognized in New Zealand, you might have to take additional courses in Universities within the country.

4. Ecuador

Ecuador, a country that is popularly teased as a retirement haven. While there is perhaps no data to back the statement, it is generally believed that Ecuador has a friendly immigration policy when it has to do with retiring persons. As a matter of fact; proof of a monthly income of $800 per month alongside a certificate from a pension authority, employer, or other income provider is more or less like a free ticket to relocating to Ecuador. Interestingly, immigrants can file for permanent residency within the first three-year of stay in the country. Other benefits of relocating to this country include a cheap/affordable lifestyle, low consumer price, inexpensive rent, among others.

3. Singapore

Singapore is one of the easiest countries to start a business, thanks to the government’s cash grants which are given to startup companies to begin their business adventures. Without doubts, it is one of the most developed Asian countries and it’s no surprise why there are so many job opportunities, basic amenities, and a high standard of living in the country. Getting into the country is easy but you’ll first need to get a job before applying for the country’s permanent residence.

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2. United Arab Emirates

To say that the United Arab Emirates has witnessed immense developments in the past decade would be an understatement. The country has emerged as an international center for different commercial purposes as proved by its 20-something million tourists every year before the pandemic. As a result of the amazing growth the country has witnessed in recent years, it now houses the world’s biggest mall and tallest building. On the economic side, immigrating to the United Arab Emirates always seems to be a great choice as we’ve seen it become home to many expatriates from different parts of the world. Over 80% of the country’s population is made up of expats, thanks to Expo 2020 which has created several job opportunities for people. Immigrating to the United Arab Emirates, you must either own a company, be employed, or as recently introduced by the UAE government, must possess a 10-year permanent residence visa. A 3-year residence visa can cost up to AED25,800.

1. Canada

It is a lot easier to get into a country that has laid-down immigration plans and in the case of Canada, admission of up to 1 million migrants by the end of 2022. Skilled workers will greatly benefit from the country’s shortage of workers as a result of the current ones retiring. With great economic growth, this should be one of the countries you should be looking to get into, especially as a skilled worker or student. If you fall into the latter category, you’ll be getting access to some of the best schooling systems in the world as Canada is home to some of the world’s best universities. The standard of living in the country is high and because you won’t find a job hard to come by, it’ll even make your stay a whole lot easier. On top of that, there is low violence and crime rate so you don’t have to worry about your safety, although, you also need to take all the necessary safety precautions. According to multiple sources, if you’re immigrating to Canada without being a skilled worker or a student, you need to prove that you are financially stable and have to own at least CAD10,000 in cash value.