Obtaining the citizenship of another country could be listed among one of the most valuable achievements an individual could possibly get. There are several reasons why people go after a second citizenship, and some of them include being a holder of a better/more powerful passport with easy access to several countries, having more options of living in multiple countries, involving in multinational businesses, avoidance of tax payment, among several other convincing reasons.

The great desire for a dual or multiple citizenship has been on a steady rise within the UAE expat community. It only makes sense after accumulating a lot of money from several years of working in a country with a great economy, which also serves as a global trade and commercial hub.

As much as the process of obtaining the citizenship of another country appears to be a difficult task, the stress is usually worthwhile. However in some other cases, getting a citizenship and passport for some specific countries can be less of a hurdle; especially those that allow dual citizenship.

In this article, we will highlight the top 10 best countries that you can easily get a citizenship and passport in 2021.

10. Dominican Republic

Acquiring the citizenship or passport in this country is more suitable for retirees who can achieve that in a reasonable short period. However, some of the requirement includes a document proving a stable retirement income not below $1,500 per month from a source outside of the country. On the other hand, non-retirees have to provide a proof for income not less than $2,000 in their own case. An individual can apply for a permanent residency, provided that the financials among other basic requirement is met. On the bright side, a person can file for citizenship after holding a permanent residency for at least two years.

9. Peru

Acquiring citizenship or passport in this country poses different level of difficulty for different category of people, however, individuals who are willing to attend schools, commence a business, or can provide a proof of income of up to $1,000 per month in investment in the country will find the process of acquiring citizenship a lot easier. It is often advisable to go through a trusted agent, as the process can be very technical and in most cases, misleading. Interestingly, Peru allows dual citizenship, so you may want to consider a change of name to the Spanish style of having surname to better boost your chances. Either ways you don’t necessarily have to renounce your previous citizenship as many other countries would.

8. Ireland

Getting a citizenship or passport of this country is not so much of a difficult task, especially for those with a provable Irish ancestry – let’s say you have a sufficient document that links you to an Irish grandparent for instance – then you may be able to become an Irish by the virtue of your ancestry, as the government tends to waive part of the required residency time. However, on a general basis, interested individuals can obtain citizenship based on normal requirements which include living in the country for a year, plus additional four years cumulative period over the space of eight years preceding the first year.

7. Singapore

Singapore is quite a considerable option for those who are business-oriented, as they tend to thread on the easy path to acquire the country’s citizenship. Anyone who is a current work pass holder (Employment Pass, Personalised Employment Pass, EntrePass or S Pass), and have worked in Singapore for at least six months, will be eligible to apply for Singapore permanent resident status. Also, if you get married to a Singaporean, you can easily acquire a permanent residency in the country.

6. Canada

Canada is also a popular choice for many as it also offers a simple route to acquiring the country’s citizenship. This, however, requires a dedication from individuals both financially, and physical presence. To acquire Canada citizenship, interested persons must be physically present for at least two years in every 5-years period, while a proof of fund of about $12,669 CAD is required to immigrate as a skilled immigrant. On a general basis, a person must have been physically present in the country for at least a period of 1,095 days (approximately 3 years) as part of the requirement of acquiring citizenship or passport.

5. Chile

The South-American country is also a great option for many as it offers the best passport and the most valuable second citizenship in the region. Acquiring a Chile citizenship or passport offers a visa-free access to 150 countries. Interestingly, it is much easier to get a permanent residence compared to other locations on this list.

4. Saint Lucia

This country has one of the cheapest and easiest citizenship-by-investment options, although for wealthy individuals. Here, acquiring citizenship is not a big deal if money is not a constraint. On a general basis, the country offers several citizenship-by-investment programs from which anyone can participate. As of today, based on the most prominent option, any individual who seeks citizenship in the country can pay up to $109,600 (inclusive of fees) in donation to the government and eventually get a passport in return, offering you visa-free access to not less than 123 countries including the EU (US and Canada not included).

3. Spain

Spain offers a lot of benefits to citizens of countries that used to be Spanish colonies, primarily because they share similar cultural heritage such as language, however, it is also considered as one of the countries to easily get citizenship on a general basis. Also, unlike most other countries, Spain does not necessarily require immigrants to renounce their original nationality, while its citizenship is a passage to visa-free access to more than 161 countries including all EU countries. On the flip side, non-Spanish colony countries may have to reconsider their choices as you may be required to give up your original nationality while having to stay up to 10 years in the country.

2. Belgium

Belgium is another great option for people who have keen interest in any of the EU countries, although, this particular destination best suits people who are business-inclined, it is also a considerable option for everyone else. While the acquisition of this citizenship or passport grants you the opportunity to live and work in any of the EU countries, it also gives a load of added benefit such as visa-free access to 158 countries across the globe. Unlike the number one country on this list which requires more financial means, acquiring citizenship in Belgium is mostly convenient for individuals who are planning to set up a business; simply set up a company in Belgium; or work for a Belgium company; or use a hybrid option which has to do with establishing strong ties with the country.

1. Portugal

The number one on the list belongs to the European Union (EU), and it is considered to be one of the best places to acquire citizenship from as it offers a lot of benefits including visa-free access to 159 countries. Acquiring a Portuguese passport is quite an easy task as you simply have to be a resident for a period of at least five-years. In other words, you will be required to have a sufficient amount of money to sort out yourself while in the country. Whatsoever the amount is, it is often incomparable to the value that the passport holds.