The good thing about nature is that it can pretty impose its beauty anywhere, even indoors where people think it is less effective. There are so many ways you can make your home beautiful and smell as naturally sweet as you want, one of which is bringing some houseplants indoor. Indoor plants add a different dimension to the looks of your home and way beyond that; they are in a way the reflection of your person. These plants perfectly complement your home decoration, leaving you with some nice scenery even in your own house.

Sweet-smelling indoor plants are a better choice than artificial air fresheners as they enhance your home’s value with some fragrant aromas. Natural home decoration has become quite popular over the years and there’s no better way to best achieve that than infusing some fragrant indoor plants which add lush foliage and sweet aromas to your home. It is becoming increasingly clear that there should be more to home looks than just the beauty and while fragrance has also come into play, it is very advisable to go as natural as it can possibly get, making this achievable by bringing some good smelling houseplants into play.

These fragrant indoor plants will not only add beautiful scents to your home, they will also help relieve stress and always keep your mood alive but most importantly, make the atmosphere always conducive, so conducive that you look forward to being at home anytime you’re heading back from work.

Listed below, are the top 10 best fragrant indoor plants for a great smelling home.

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10. Angel’s Trumpets

The beautiful thing about the Angel’s Trumpets (Scientific name: Brugmansia) is that it releases a sweet kind of fragrance as a result of its dangling blossoms at night and by the time you wake up the next morning, you’ll wake up to the sweet scents coming from this beautiful plant. Like every other plant on this list, Angel’s Trumpet also needs the brightest light it can possibly get which means you have to place it by a window that gets the most sunlight in the house.

9. Frangipani

This tropical plant is popular for its sweet fragrance and beautiful-looking flowers. Frangipani (Scientific name: Plumeria) comes in different colors like white, yellow, orange, pink, and red and it is mostly found growing outside in tropical climates but with the right handling and care, it can also thrive indoor as it is a plant that blooms year after year. To thrive properly indoor, Plumeria needs about six hours of full sun which means you need to keep it near a window that gets lots of sunlight.

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8. Lemon Balm

This perennial herb grows thick and bushy but it won’t matter because it also produces a sweet lemon aroma which is very pleasing. The Lemon Balm (Scientific name: Melissa officinalis) plant is easy to grow inside as it is outside, provided you provide it with the right amount of light when you place it inside which is why it is advisable to keep it by an open window where it has direct access to the sunlight. The flow of air coming through the window will also help release the lemon scent from the thick leaves and that’s a great fragrance addition to any home. The leaves are also perfect for teas and desserts.

7. Citrus

The natural sweet scent of orange, lemon, and other citrus blossoms is mind-blowing which is why you must include it your indoor collections for fragrant purposes. Surprisingly, Citrus plants are easy to grow indoor, especially when they’re provided with more than enough light. Choose one of the brightest spots in the house for them, water them regularly and fertilize if need be to keep them fresh and alive.

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6. Scented Geranium

It is true that some Geraniums have no scent but there are others with amazing fragrance that can fill up your home fresh scent of lemon, lime and rose. Scented Geranium (Scientific name: Pelargonium graveolens) can survive both indoors and outdoors but the plant with unique shape of leaves produces more aromas when it’s indoors than it does when it’s placed outside. Plenty of bright lights are needed when this plant is placed indoors and might even need direct light in winter to keep its growth more healthy. Apart from making your home smell nice and more beautiful, some of the health benefits offered by Geranium includes promotion of kidney health, aids digestion, helps boost immunity, lowers stress and reduces inflammation.

5. Orchid

Orchid (Scientific name: Orchidaceae) is a quite popular houseplant when it comes to fragrance but the strength of the scent depends on the variety you’re opting for. What’s certain is that with Orchid, you’re choosing one of the best fragrant indoor plants in the world, no matter which specie of the plant you decide to go for. Orchid will best survive in a bright spot that offers humidity and also protection from drafts. Always ensure you water regularly in the summer but keep it cooler in the winter to keep its growth healthy.

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4. Lavender

There’s a reason why Lavender (Scientific name: Lavandula) is one of the plants you should have in your home as long as fragrance is concerned. Although Lavenders are often grown outdoor, but this beautiful looking plants can also survive indoor as long as you opt for smaller varieties that are ideal for growing in pots. You should also know that English Lavender has a stronger fragrance than French Lavender and since fragrance means more than looks in this case, the English Lavender is the perfect choice.

3. Eucalyptus

This is one of the indoor plants that will keep you on your toes if you need them to serve their true purpose in your home. Eucalyptus needs to be watered frequently because it absorbs water quickly due to the refreshing odor produced from the dark green or purple colored plant. The sweet scent produced by this plant makes it useful in the cosmetics world as the oil is often used in making perfumes, cosmetics products and others. The plant also helps with a host of health benefits which includes quick healing of wounds, treatment of muscle pains and treatment of respiratory problems among others.

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2. Gardenia

Who says Gardenia can only be grown outdoor? Gardenia (Scientific name: Gardenia) remains one of the most famous fragrant plants and the fact that it can survive indoor makes it even more ideal to get. The dark green glossy leaves which have white flowers on top of them produce nothing short of a great scent. With over 150 different species of Gardenia, you have a luxury of options at your disposal when choosing the one that’ll be perfect for your home putting into consideration cost of maintenance.

1. Jasmine

Jasmine (Scientific name: Jasminum) remains one of the most elegant indoor plants in the world with its thick green leaves and white flowers. Jasmine comes in different varieties but good growth and bloom; you need to place in a super bright room with high humidity and temperature. The soft flowery scent produced by Jasmine is ideal for any home and many even compare it to fresh linens.

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