Expo 2020

It’s always a beautiful thing when the whole world comes together for an event. Think about the World Cup (men’s or women’s football) when so many countries are united by one spirit. Or think of the Olympics, when different races, cultures, and mindsets come together to celebrate. This 2020-come-2021 global expo was threatened by the Corona virus pandemic which disrupted many events around the world. However, again, the world has come together to prove that not even a deadly disease can stop the biggest events from happening.

Since Dubai won the right to host the Expo in Paris in 2013, preparations have been ongoing, and millions of dollars have been spent to make the event a memorable one for visitors coming into the city from all across the globe. We can spend days talking about the immense developments the UAE has enjoyed in recent years, but Expo 2020 will further put the country in the global spotlight, further cementing its status as an elite country.

Originally scheduled to take place in 2020 (20th October 2020 to 10th of April 2021), the international registered exhibition will now run through 31st of March 2022 after being kick started on 1st of October 2021. The Expo is themed “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” for a reason. The fact that over 190 (precisely 192) countries are being hosted in a 438-hectare UAE pavilion designed by the legendary Dr. Santiago Calatrava, is enough proof that the Expo 2020 hosted in Dubai is truly the Arab World’s biggest global event.

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If you happen to be in Dubai for the Expo 2020, you must be wondering about the best activities to explore from the thousands of activities available across different sections at the event. Below are the top 5 interesting things you can do at the Middle East’s largest global event.

Try different cuisines from different cultures

Naturally, food is one of the things that bring people together, and there’s no better time to try different foods from different countries than during a global event like the Expo 2020. At this year’s expo, you’ll have access to over 200 eateries with cuisines and snacks from different parts of the world. Celebrity chefs like Rohit Ghai, David Myers, and Matthew Kenney will all be present at the event throughout those 180 days. Food lovers are most likely to have the best time because the whole idea around the expo is to give every participating country the chance to showcase the special cuisines from their countries. You can also visit the Talabat food hall, a two-story hall with cutting-edge technology that gives a great dining experience.

Take the children on a wonderful adventure

The Expo is not only meant for adults as children can also have a great time. You can take them to explore the ocean-themed playground where they can enjoy whale slides and a large 3D maze. You don’t need to worry about your children’s safety, thanks to the remarkable service of mascots Latifa and Rashid that are ever ready to help take your children around safely. There’s also a space city where the kids can access a gravity chamber and have all the fun they can. Singalongs, theatrical productions, and dance-offs are some of the other great activities the children can engage themselves in.

Play your part in fighting climate change

Global warming is something the world has been fighting aggressively to change because it can have a direct impact on our future as humans. One of the themes for the Expo 2020 is sustainability, and you can head to the Sustainability Pavilion, which is an interactive experience to help actualize that theme. Terra, the Sustainability Pavilion, is designed to help kids and adults alike realize how important fighting global warming is to the next generations. Thankfully, tickets for the family package cost not more than AED 950, covering entries for two parents, children, and a nanny for the entire duration of the expo.

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Learn new skills from different cultures

Like we pointed out earlier, the idea behind every Expo since the first one debuted in London, is to make different countries come together to share new ideas and how they are contributing to the global economy. Over the past few years, we’ve seen people take unrivaled interests in learning new skills that can fetch them a lot of money. This, in some way, creates more opportunities for people and sets them on course to being financially free. Another interesting thing you can do at the Expo 2020 is to learn new skills from renowned artisans from all across the globe. A great example is Bread Ahead, a London-based bakery and baking school where experts will carefully guide you on having a successful career in that field. You can also do it for fun, but whatever reason you have for exploring this option, you’re guaranteed 100% results.

Be a part of the future with AI

The world is moving at a very fast pace, and it’s only a matter of time before we have machines that do things that would have needed human effort to get done more efficiently than humans themselves. You can bring yourself closer to the future at the ongoing expo with leading robotics specialist, Terminus Group. You can witness over 150 robots at the ongoing expo, with real-life tasks being carried out efficiently as if they were humans. These robots will be tasked with greeting you, performing special displays, providing assistance, delivering food, and other hospitality services. You can also head over to the Monaco Pavilion where you can meet and play with super intelligent and interactive robotic penguins that give you a glimpse of what the world is going to look like in years to come.


A few days into the Expo 2020 and we already know how much fun is promised before it ends in March 2022. A lot was expected leading up to the big event, and for the UAE and the rest of the Middle East, this is one of the biggest historic moments, hence why the country has invested so much money heading into the event. We’ve already witnessed a ground-breaking opening ceremony from the Oscar-winning composer, A.R. Rahman-led all-women team. If you’re looking to join the big event at some point, above are some of the most interesting things you can engage in.