Abu Dhabi Global Market Courts (ADGM Courts) has just launched the world’s first fully digital courtroom, in a bid to change how court hearings are carried out, and to save both plaintiffs and respondents time and money.

The e-courtroom will have the authority to handle civil and commercial disputes between different parties both locally and overseas, and provide access to electronic court files, filing options, case management and evidence bundles in real-time. The system will also allow efficient litigation and paperless proceedings across different time zones.

To register a case and all appropriate documents, a plaintiff has to first visit www.adgmcourts.com where they can register an account and proceed to use the online portal to file their case. After a party gains access to the online portal, they can electronically file all of their necessary documents from anywhere in the world and at any time. All of the uploaded information will be accessible to the lawyers and the judge. Any updates or changes made will be notified in real time to all parties. The court will only hear civil and commercial cases.